If you could- would you emigrate???

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. I would- roll on my lottery win!!! :w00t:
  2. You wouldn't see me for dust.
  3. Yes.
    Bye bye.
  4. send us an invite!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Where to ?
  6. New Zealand for me :thumright:
  7. Anywhere but here...
  8. Australia for me . (to old now)
  10. Have done, loving it and the best move I ever made :w00t:
    Don't hang around debating it, just do it!!
  11. if i had the money - yes
  12. Contributor Mode

    If you are working then head for Oz or NZ. If you want to retire, 1st SW France, 2nd Spain, 3rd Portugal.

    Have been in UK now for 4 weeks and I am totally under impressed, cannnot wait to get back to Euroland.

  13. Lots of us have and it is great.
  14. My better half and I would go to Oz at a drop of a hat. My only worry is what job would I do out there. I am a RM Signaller and would ideally like to stay in the comunications industry. Fortunately the other half has relatives out there.
  15. Been there done that and would never look back.
    Sorry Nutty but you can keep any of your eurpoean destinations, one of my biggest incentives to leave blighty was the EU.
  16. Agree entirely! I would need a very great deal of dosh (millions of $) and then I would go to the US. Fantastic lifestyle, great medical care, superb climate, nice people and Barak Obama as President.
  17. Just waiting for the kids to leave school
  18. Without a doubt I would, but money as always seems to be the overriding factor.

    Where to? NZ or Spain for me and the missus.
  19. Away from Europe for definite.
    We're planning for NZ when I retire in 4 an half years; up and gone..!

    Property is amazingly cheap with a 'Lifestyle Block' (small-holding) like the one in the first link going for £150,000...!!!
    ONE HUNDRED & 50 THOUSAND QUID!! for 1.5 hectares

    First Property

    Second one has 7 hectares for the same price...

    Second Property

    Those of you that are regulars have every opporunity to emigrate with the RNZN begging for you to transfer.
    I'm RNR so will have to wait for my lump sum in April '13 :thumright:

    With property prices like this and the lifstyle available out there you can see how fcuked this country is.
  20. I do not give a shit if this country is fcuked and run by a set of wankers, I LOVE this island and would never move.

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