If this aint Jack, there is no such breed.

rod-gearing said:
Gino said:
The big girls need some loving too
If Nelson taught us anything, it was that. ;)
Was Lady Hamilton a fat bird then?
Not according to this contemporary painting of her performing for Nelson and the matelots of HMS Victory, to great acclaim I hear. Unfortunately she wasn't used to ships and her tray tilted upwards and deposited the tankards of warm beer and salt beef sarnies all over the sailors!

Was Lady Hamilton a fat bird then?[/quote]
Although a celebrated beauty in her younger days, she was also a great fan of the grog and the scran, and grew quite corpulent. I read an account once that when she was very pregnant with Nelson's daughter, no one noticed. 'Nuff said.
I've just managed to see the piccy. Obviously my work PC filters out tasteful photos for me. ;)

I'm pleased to see the man face down isn't me - he's too slim. It could be Nutty though, but looks more like Norman. :lol:
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