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If The Royal Navy Didn't Pay, Would You Still Join?


Lantern Swinger
Short answer; no, the RN is a job at the end of the day.

long answer; 20,000 word essay on how patriotism is a good thing but does not pay the bills.


War Hero
Of course I would, however I would expect them to offer me some allowances (cos allawances sho aint taxable) like the MPs.
Say £20,000 a year acommodation pay, £10.000 Food allowance, £150000 entertainments allowance and then £10.000 for x factor:laughing1:


War Hero
Super Moderator
If they didn't pay me I would still join, my expenses claim might make the JPAC cell implode though!


Lantern Swinger
and as much...

as you can handle, bargain bucket............

Horatio Nelson

Christ. The boss's hit the bottle early.

Ridiculous question.

Have you maybe thought that to you it's ridiculous and maybe to others it's not? Slating a perfectly reasonable question doesn't earn you shekels friend. It earns you the last sip of my rum ;)


War Hero
It's a good example of how people confuse the fact it's a job, not a youth entertainment scheme. It also explains why many join in this belief and become disillusioned.As remarked not so long ago I received a phonecall from the Mother of a newly qualified Medical Assistant drafted to a base sickbay. "This isn't what she joined for" she stated, "My daughter joined for adventure and world travel".


Book Reviewer
I had a similar experience Nina, I joined the Navy to see the world, first draft after training was Brocklesby, AUWE trials ship at Portland, I could almost see Mothers front door from the bridge. Mind you we did get to Alderney once.


War Hero
Methinks reality pills are needed at schools and places of knowledge!!!!

Risk your arse for no pay!!!!

**** me that must be the stupidest idea spouted for yonks!

Thought about a career in politics - they don't have a grasp of reality either!


War Hero
Short fuckin memories some have.
£6.00 a fortnight in 1965, that was pay? I earned more as a lift lad in Woolies New Street.
No I joined for travel adventure and excitement.
I had lots of travel.:shock:


War Hero
...joined for adventure and world travel".

That was my plan but it seems to gave gone a bit wrong. Found out on day one that I'm going SWS, bombers, Faslane, do not pass go, you can have £200 but hand your passport in cos you won't need it.

Mind you Glasgow on a Saturday night's a bit of an adventure as I recall.

Horatio Nelson

I'm finding it hard to visualise you as an adult, taking in to account this post, your user name and sig block. However that may just be me......but I farking doubt it.

Ye it's just you. The reason for the username as i have a lot of respect for Horatio Nelson's history. The sig block makes perfect sense, for those who don't prepare for anything will fail. The question is perfectly reasonable to finding out who would actually have a career in the Royal Navy if pay were not part of the package.


Book Reviewer
Short fuckin memories some have.
£6.00 a fortnight in 1965, that was pay? I earned more as a lift lad in Woolies New Street.
No I joined for travel adventure and excitement.
I had lots of travel.:shock:

You OD's had it easy, 1960 £4.10s a fortnight, now waiting for Granny and 2BM to show up.
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