If the missiles rain down - they'll rain down on......Cornwall?

Vauxhall Corsa owners in Bude are worried that they may get vapourised if ever
the nuclear stuff starts flying. Apparently quite a few people living in Bude and
Morwenstowe appear to speak with a definite Middle Eastern or Korean accent

GCHQ Bude...and foreign spies

[They should be in my opinion]

....and good morning to GCHQ from me......how's your days surfing going then??????



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Just as an afterthought - I don't hear this mentioned on daytime television programmes such as "A New Life in the country" when some rich London bastard(s) decide to move down to Cornwall - hunting for your average (£450,000 quid) second home. They might be slightly put off when the presenter says:

"Yes, it's a l-o-v-e-l-y detached property, five bedrooms, six bathrooms, 10 acres of land, an indoor pool, garaging for six Bentleys and an absolute SNAP at £399,000 pounds.....well below your budget. Lovely sea views from the patio and built in an area of outstanding natural beauty.....and only THIRD on the list of strategic targets in the UK should there be a pre-emptive Nuclear Missile attack......"

(Oooohhh - the look on their faces)

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