If Nelson were alive today

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. What do you think his opinion would be of todays Modern Royal Navy and the country in particular?
  2. He would be pissed off with what they have done with the Traf Club in Pompey
  3. Kiss me something or other??
  4. I mostly collect Nelsons Navy books[along with WW1] I have a load of them and I say this without any opinion of what's right in the modern world but:
    In Nelsons Navy, sailors were hanged from the yard for Homosexual acts.
    Nothing was more heinous in the Navy's eyes.
    Two I remember were hanged for it and they hadn't had shore leave for 3 years!think they needed to be cut a bit of slack on that occasion
    It wouldn't fly now nor should it but I think Nelsons attitude would be more than quizzical.
    I also have a fine book"A Sailors War" about the battle at Jutland so I'm looking forward to the TV programme coming up.
    BTW we lost over 6000 sailors,the Germans lost 2000 yet we won!
    Don't see it myself except for Jellicoe not chasing the German fleet preferring to bottle them up giving us control over the North Sea,a good decision from him.
  5. "I see no bloody ships!"

  6. He'd probably moan about the uniforms.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    "Why did they legalise homosexuality? It was so much better risque".
  8. It took him two weeks to get to Pompey before embarking for Trafalgar. He could do it in 90 minutes these days.
    He wouldn't miss two weeks on the road and a fair few dodgy hotels en route.
  9. Do you reckon he would inquire to the health of a certain Big Sylv?
  10. He'd wonder what size bag would be needed for basic training.!! :scratch:
  11. He'd wonder what basic training was. He'd be astonished that sailors train in stone frigates and would wonder how they stay afloat! :biggrin:

    He could be openly bisexual: loving Lady Hamilton and Captain Hardy at the same time. ;)

    I'm sure he'd approve of DQs, fines and No.9s as a humane alternative to flogging, keel hauling and hanging from the yardarm.

    He wouldn't understand how sailors could be motivated by the abolition of Tot.

    And finally, what would he make of officers wearing trousers and skirts, and not wearing a well powdered wig.
  12. He'd wonder why we weren't trying to sink the Frenchies.I know Vanguard had a try earlier this year but that doesn't count.
  13. You've not tried getting to Unicorn Gate from the M275 and A3M during the peak time, then?
  14. He'd say Pompey's shite, I'm off to Guzz and give me more submarines :wink:
  15. As a one-armed, half blind, permanently sea-sick adulterer I doubt if he'd be in uniform! Medical Board of Survey and loss of Positive Vetting status for that skinny little tinker! :D
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Moderation in a internet forum,,,,what a cnut!!!!!!
  17. Or he could transfer and become a loblolly boy, like your goodself.


    Good run last night?

    Yeah, went to Emmas....
  18. In Nelson's day a submarine was a Marine who'd fallen overboard and couldn't swim. ;)
  19. Imagine his face when the RAF came mincing onboard!

    Yes another crab dig, a hobby of mine!
  20. 8) Everyone seems to recall Big Sylv and I've heard Black Kath and Irish Pat mentioned 8O Can it be that I'm the only old and bold who remembers that vision of beauty and paragon of virtue;- Gordie Joyce? :roll:

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