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If i were on that jury..........

Guilty or not?

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Lantern Swinger
getting a bit of topic i think.....

that story is fcked up i cant understand why the kids where doing it in the first place are these lil scumbags really that ignorant, thats one of the reasons i hate being a teenager, people think were all scum, never thinking thet there is a few of us Gud'uns


War Hero
Fifteen (?) young men surrounded a middle aged woman on her own and asked if her husband was going to rescue her?

If that is the true facts of the matter then it was self defence, obviously. She'd have been justified in going berserk and causing serious injuries IMHO. I dare to venture that that would be the view of any 'reasonable' person if she can say that she feared for her safety.

Self defence = no offence.
Berating offenders is one thing, hitting them is quite another. Now had they actually consented to being assaulted (aka BDSM) I would have no problem, but minors cannot consent to sex acts, so they were clearly assaulted.


War Hero
True, Mrs Lake would appear to have assaulted the big brave boy. However, he 'assaulted' the memory of so many who fell so that he could have his freedom.

Soap box tucked away again. ;-)
brigham600 said:
True, Mrs Lake would appear to have assaulted the big brave boy. However, he 'assaulted' the memory of so many who fell so that he could have his freedom.

Soap box tucked away again. ;-)

Well said Sir! :thumright:
rod-gearing said:
brigham600 said:
True, Mrs Lake would appear to have assaulted the big brave boy. However, he 'assaulted' the memory of so many who fell so that he could have his freedom.

Soap box tucked away again. ;-)

Well said Sir! :thumright:

Well she should have defaced him them.... like Hannibal Lector..... :bball:


War Hero
It's too bad she didn't hold a few black belts in something, then that slap would have been a nice chop to the yobs neck and as she would be clearly defending herself, continue on and nail the other 14....a real case of her being outnumbered and afraid for her life and so used any and all means to defend herself, hmmmm a jury would aquit....

How many seniors are accosted and abused in the course of a day and don't report it because a) no one does anything about it and b) afraid they will get beat up the very same thugs.... :rambo:
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