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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by buster, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. War hero's daughter facing arrest for tackling yobs who 'trashed war memorial'
    Last updated at 16:30 28 December 2007

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    When she spotted yobs vandalising a war memorial garden, Julie Lake sprang into action.

    As the daughter of a Second World War RAF pilot ? and granddaughter of one of the fallen in the 1914-18 war ? she felt it was her duty to intervene. But, after giving the main culprit a talking- to and a 'cuff round the ear', she finds herself facing the prospect of being arrested for assault.

    Yesterday Mrs Lake accused police of failing to follow up her complaints about graffiti and other hooliganism in the memorial garden.

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    Julie Lake was upset at the constant defacing of the memorial

    "The memorial is a sacred place ? it's like a grave," said the 50-year-old.

    "How dare these youngsters tarnish the memories of those who made a sacrifice for future generations?

    "I've called the police and I've tried to talk to these kids, but I've got nowhere.

    "I lost my temper in complete frustration after two years of patiently trying to get something done and immediately the police are after me. It's ridiculous.

    "I did not go up to these boys intending to hit anyone but they when they started shouting abuse at me and my husband, Peter, who is recovering from cancer, I just snapped."

    She said that 15 youths surrounded her and mockingly asked if her husband, who was in their car, was going to rescue her.

    "I saw red and gave the ringleader a slap on the cheek," she added. "He was just laughing and said 'That's assault'.

    "Then they took my car registration and rang the police. They all know their rights, they just don't care about anyone else's."

    She said many of the older residents of her village ? Mangotsfield near Bristol ? were too scared to venture out at night because of the yobs.

    Gangs of teenagers wearing hooded tops have carried out a series of attacks on the pretty memorial garden with its sombre stone cross.

    They have daubed offensive graffiti on the stone, ridden their bikes over wreaths and carved their names into wooden benches.

    A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the force is investigating an alleged assault on a 15- year-old boy.

    He admitted however that Mangotsfield has a problem with youth vandalism.

    Inspector Gus Krouwel said: 'Neighbourhood police regularly receive complaints about groups of around eight young people gathering by the war memorial, drinking and leaving litter.

    "I do appreciate that people may get frustrated with this sort of situation but the appropriate response is to work with agencies like the police and local authority to find solutions."

    Mrs Lake will voluntarily attend a police station next month to be formally arrested. She could be charged with assault which carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison or a £5,000 fine.

    But she said she was prepared to take any punishment she is given to make a point about the effects of anti-social behaviour.

    "The yobs have stopped going to the war memorial as much ? but this is what it has taken," she said.

    "I'll go to prison if I have to, because this is not about me, it is about the whole community who are scared to leave their homes.

    "I know the lad I got hold of was the most persistent offender.

    "I gave him what the police would call a cuff round the ear and threw his bike into the ground."

    Mrs Lake, who works in sales, said the example of her father, who was based in wartime South Africa, had inspired her to take action.

    She said: "My father and grandfather serving in the forces have made me very passionate about honouring our soldiers and what they sacrificed.

    "My family told me never to shrink from a challenge and although I don't condone what I did, I hope some good comes out of it."

    Mrs Lake's 63-year-old husband, a retired airman, also lost a grandfather in the First World War.

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  2. Well done Mrs Lake!

    She is however lucky that the yobs did not try and attack her or her car.

    Typically PC response from the police - work together to find a solution! While appreciating that the police can not be everywhere at once but if they know that thee is a problem and know who causes the problem why not actually do something about it and stop the problem.

    Or is that the wrong type of solution?

  3. Well done Mrs Lake and about time these little twats were given what for. How flamming typical of the response from the filth though who as always side with the original aggressor.

    Coppers wonder why the general public despise them - here is your proof.
  4. Metropolitan Police Cars have "Working for a Safer London" festooned on their doors....perhaps, "Stopping and Arresting Criminals" would be a better objective??
  5. BZ Mrs Lake.

  6. Metropolitan Police Cars have "Working for a Safer London" festooned on their doors....perhaps, "Stopping and Arresting Criminals" would be a better objective??

    HEE HEELLike that,
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is an old story from last year, so why bother posting it? It also clearly states that at the time she had not been charged, so there is no assumption of guilt at this time.

    However the facts of the case as stated in the post above indicate that an unlawful assault has been committed. That her Father was an ex-Serviceman is irrelevant, and is merely an emotional ploy by the media to justify Mrs. Lake's actions.

    But as with most crime stories reported in the Press, there is more evidence relating to the case that the public are privy to, so I don't think anyone here can judge the case without knowing more.
  8. As ever on such things I suspect you are right SPB, the real question for the court is was her action justifiable, was it truly an asault or was it merely the actions of a concerned citizen to stiop a crime being carried out something we all have an obligation to do under common law.

    Her parentage etc is relevant, but only in mitigation should she be found guilty, unlikely if she gets a 'hooray hendry' magistrate, likely if she gets a lily livered socialist
  9. She should have insisted on being charged and elected to go trial by jury. Then play her trump card. The kids had surrounded her, and then advised her of the fact they intended to attack her and asked what her husband would do about it. She obviously felt threatened and lashed out in self defence.
    Now if I were on that jury she would walk away Scot free.
  10. I would think that the real question for the legal system would be 'Can we get a conviction on this and help bump up the figures'.
  11. It is an ongoing trial NOW. Daily paper yesterday.
    the offence was last year. this kind of response is what is driving people away from this site in droves. the old yeah yeah so what? post something relevant.
    THIS is relevant ! this is UK PLC in FCUKING moral freefall. i would have fractured the little twats skull.

    don't bother with me, buster has left this forum, trying to catch my teddy bear. see you. :pukel:

  12. The question is of course is this an offecnce where she could opt for a jury, I understood that many of the lesser ones were now only for magistrates. Up here it is at least a professional sherrif sitting without a jury. I am quite sure a good defence could persuade a jury that she should not be convicted, even if she was technically guilty.
  13. Unfortunately Maxi we in England only get the crap that Scotland does not want, just look at Broon! Now if we only we could have the Scots legal system (far superior to that of England & Wales) . :thumright:

  14. Which daily paper?
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Then I would have problem investigating and charging you with ABH then. As someone with more than a working knowledge of criminal law then I tend to leave my emotions out of issues like this. Obviously you cannot do likewise.

    Seems you got your knickers in a twist over nothing. Someone disagreed with your point of view? Diddums... deal with it, suck it in, come up with a reason for your argument, or shut the fark up. "People leaving this site in droves"? Oh really? You got the stats to prove that little snippet of information? :roll:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Furthermore, your options for the poll ("Guilty or not?") hardly leave RR members with an alternative choice... :oops:

  17. Perhaps if you had quted from the daily paper of today rather than December last year you might actually have got a better response. Dont blame others for your own cock ups.
  18. I think we offered you our legal system but you turned it down back in 1707. We are how ever offering a special deal at the moment, a new UK parliament in Edinburgh with 600 Scots MPs and 60 English, and we will let you have a Scots Legal system as a bonus.
  19. That deal you can keep. We've had our fill of Scots MPs screwing up Englands green and pleasant land.
  20. Just don't say we didn't offer, and lets face it your 600 have been screwing us all quite royaly for the las 300 years .

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