If I ruled the World

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bipod64, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. So many of the bad feelings, misinformation, lack of communication, organisational problems, and frustrations seen here inRR, would be addressed if there were a clean sweep of the organisation, to better use and control the resources available.

    The inconsistencies seen in local interpretations of CMR directives is barking. The budget might be reduced, but it is there, some people are controlling it too tight and controlling it differently to other units, some people aren't relaying important information to Senior Ratings responsible for motivating and developing the troops. Business processes in place now were suitable 30 years ago, not now; duplication of data and its processing is horrendously inefficient.

    Let me light the wick; retain CAL, KA, VIV, FOR, EAG, SCO. Man them with 3 Senior Ratings as Permanent Staff, controlled directly by West Battery. Get a single modern information system administered centrally. And hey presto; tighter control, greatly reduced operating costs, better informed people, policies applied correctly and units operating consistently with each other. It might not be ideal, but it would be a start....... Status Quo should not be an option !
  2. Well there would deffinantly be less.....pedo's ,, rapist's,, murderer's and O.A.P bashers in the world.....why... because they would be put down..
  3. Good move that, leave the entire south east of England without an RNR unit....whilst I agree the RNR could be made more streamlined and efficient I think your demographic plan is arse...Sorry!!
  4. If you're going to rule the world, can I be your number 2 and will you let me bring back capital punishment and national service please? 8O 8O 8O
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Sounds like a plan :twisted: :)
  6. Ive heard Gordons Gin are panicking though due to the potential drop in sales!!!!!
  7. God dont even get me started on this subject.

    Where would i start!!!!!!.....................

    Gotta say though it would be fun if you could be in charge of the world even for just one day!!!!!!!!!! :D
  8. Warmonger, Gordon has no need to worry I am still standing.
  9. .....all we need is someone with a big pair of balls. And if I had, I would remove SCO as well; I hear the M74 and M6 link to EAG is very good now. 12 matelots in a tilley for a weekend exped south, fantastic :twisted:
  10. I would scrap personal dept and make the banks cover it from their obscene profits.

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