If I had two-thirds of his

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by invinoveritas, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. If I had two-thirds of his--His would still be seven-eighths bigger than mine.
    In my day sailors went to extraordinary lengths(sic)-- if they were less than well-rigged-- to hide their manhood.
    How do they do it today? Assuming of course there are any that fall into that category.
  2. Not another WILLY WATCHER on the site. Mine is so tiny that it hides itself, especially when it's cold. :tool:
  3. Outed and Outed. Well done Slim. Cut him dead in his tracks.


  4. Must admit we had one member in 2J4 mess on Ark Royal who when he got out of his bunk caused more than a little confusion. One didn't know whether to look away, look at it, or feed it buns.
  5. Do you mean buns? Surely after 2 years abroad bums would have been more appropriate.
  6. Hello, Norman.
  7. Is this poster a troll - because that's what he sounds like.

    Everyone else's knob looks bigger than your own. It's a due to the (coincidental) vision we have of our own being the worst way you can look at something to judge it's actual size!
  8. Wankfacecuntgrommit - fuckit, can't be arse typing anym

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