If I fits, I sits!


We seems to have become the boarding house for 5 young green frogs, and it's fascinating watching them come out of hiding at dusk, and exploring our front patio.
On a downside, we've had to take one of our watering cans out of service, under the rules of "if I fits, I sits", as this one (which we've christened "Cassidy" - cos he hops along) likes to pass the daytime in the spout.

Green Frog.jpg

An empty tray from a propagator has made a brilliant paddling pool for them too, and is where they all head for at dusk!
Apologies to any gardeners for the state of the plants in the trough - it's been 41'c here for the last week!


War Hero
Going by the brief glimpse afforded by your watering can the frog looks like a European Tree Frog. They may be seeking sanctuary from the searing heat on your property as there is water to be found.


I think you're right fishhead re the species. We've had adults previously, and they're usually to be found in tree and bush foliage etc. The adults are incredibly noisy, and their croak sounds like an American phone ringtone, but our youngsters haven't found their voice as yet!
We count ourselves very lucky that we have lots of interesting wildlife around here, as we're surrounded by farmland.