If I dont make it as an officer

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rumlessgut, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Ill cconsider joining as a rating. But, im 21 now - will i be surrounded by 16 year olds and be made to feel like an old bastard?

    Also - how long does it take to make it through the ranks. I feel i can prove myself and have alot of ambition/savvy as well as GCSEs and A Levels?
  2. 1. No you won't.

    2. Depends on how well you perform in RALEIGH and onwards, and what branch you end up in. It takes more than GCSEs and A Levels to make you a decent Officer! This forum routinely proves that!
  3. so people do join up at 21 and onwards then? I just have visions of being surrounded by little buggers who want to be 'lads' and generally do the same shit that i did back when i was that age. IE drunk every night, sleeping with as many girls as possible etc etc

    Are the jobs within the Fleet Air Arm (non-officer) any good? Or is it all about polishing the helicopters? lol

    (and yes ive got an interview (informal) in Bristol next week to talk my options over properly)
  4. Jack (whether Officer or Rating) routinely enjoys going out and getting pissed, except for the fact that Officers don't get pissed, they get into a state of high spirits!
  5. If it's any help mate, I joined at 20 and was about average in age when compared to the rest of the squad. There were 16 - 17 year olds of course, but 20-21 seemed to be the majority for my intake. I often laugh that there was a guy in my squad who was 25, and his nickname was Grandad. Really makes me chuckle 15 years later. :)
  6. Cheers - this makes me feel a bit better :)
  7. dunno why that happened, it does on occasion.
  8. posted that twice now...?
  9. oh dont get me wrong. as long as the guy i speak to next week is happy with me, im going to apply as an officer initially. I have the right amount of ucas points an all that. But i just have a funny feeling im going to fail at at least one hurdle. Probably my general knowledge of the navy and its operations. I have no family members or friends in the navy to help either.

  10. Weird Your 21 iam 21 and to be honest the day i get back there to raleigh on the 9th jan when i re join i will be goin out with my mates from guzzz gettin absoulty wrecked and hopefully trappin.

    its called youth use it...
  11. At 21 the world is your oyster. If you want responsibility Officer is the way ahead, despite the ramblings of those that think they know better. If you don't try you'll regret it at a later date, and if you fail you can always try the lower deck. Good luck
  12. If you don't make it as an officer, you can always join up as a Steward that will get you into the Wardroom
  13. dont worry about age my fella is in his last 1 and a half weeks basic and there where some others his age in his first class (33yrs old) in his 2nd class cos he was backclassed for failing the rifle drill through nerves the next oldest was 24yrs old, he didnt feel out of place, must people are 16-22, but an increase in age brings adventages in other ways,
  14. [quote="rumlessgut
    But i just have a funny feeling im going to fail at at least one hurdle. Probably my general knowledge of the navy and its operations. I have no family members or friends in the navy to help either.[/quote]

    So get out there and find the info! Google is a wonderful thing.
  15. I think that if you don’t go into the application with full confidence it might act as a hurdle (the one you spoke about falling over) when I first looked into the Navy I thought 'I cant do that' but that's what being in the navy, and not only as an officer, is about (I think) doing a job that most 'normal' people would either be scared shitless or wouldn’t have the motivation to do.

    talk to your ACLO next week and be yourself- the one I met told me he would never send anyone to the AIB if he thought they didn’t stand half a chance... see what he says!!

    I agree though A-levels/ gcse mean nothing- I have a masters and a degree (and not in a fluff subject) and in navy terms they mean very little...

    Good luck
    xx xx

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