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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wannabeaet, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Will I travel much?
    Will I do anything else in my whole career other than fixing aircraft?

    The more I read into navy life (my Raleigh date is Oct 25), all I'm reading is "as an aircraft maintainer I obviously don't have to travel much", "as an AET I am obviously based on land" and other stories like these.
    For example, say I finish phase 2 training half way through 2010, will I go to an air base, or away to sea, or what?
    Will I be dissapointed, is it worth reapplying for something more adventurous?
    I'm half excited about starting, half worried that I've made a bad choice. :oops:
    I did question the Careers office about Mine Clearance diving which I'd LOVE LOVE to do, but 18 month waiting list I was told.
    Will there be much of an oppurtunity to pursue adventure?
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WBAET: Your travel plans will depend on the operational deployment programme of the Squadron/Force that you'll be posted to when you qualify - and nobody can anser that just yet.

    As much as I admire your enthusiasm, I would suggest that you concentrate on passing Part I/II training first.

    Good luck! :thumbleft:
  3. Ask yourself what you want to do or be?

    If you can live without repairing aircraft and travel is a big part of your plans then join the general service.

    If you really want to be an aircraft engineer the join the FAA and console your self to less traveling.

    Never join to get away from whatever. If there is a job your REALLY REALLY want to do, it's well worth the wait. You will only regret decisions made in haste now.

  4. There is loads of travel as an AET. Mostly by minibus (UK dets) or Crab/Civvy air overseas and the occasional sea trip (Harrier specific). You yet the best of both worlds, getting away without the occasional crap that comes with going on board.
    I spent months in the Caribbean, all over Europe and East and West coasts of America without seeing a ship.
    You will get away in the Fleet Air Arm.
  5. Agree JFH as an ex NAM and crewie I can say the only 2 places, (albeit large places) I never travelled to in my 24 years in the FAA where USSR as was and China.

    But that was still less than my counterparts in the GS. Travel shouldn't be the reason to join though.

    As for adventure. As much as you want to a degree. Obviously the navy would like to see you in the workplace at times!!!! (Although I know an olympian who made CPO without seeing a ship!!!!!)
  6. Remember life is the adventure, input equals output. For what it`s worthfrom being a junior stoker at 16 right through to Export sale manager for a large US company, untill I retired a few years ago, I`ve had to date one great adventure. I hope you will look back in your retirement and say the same. Good luck in your RN life.

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