If i apply now

If i apply now, is it possible to get a start date on september 13th? The reason i ask is because i need to get in soon as can. One of the main reason im joining is to pay my £1000 debt off (About that amount).

Many Thanks.
No way. You have a bigger chance of being the next Miss World.

The Allocator is already filling up places in Basic Training for early next year. The candidates starting in September all completed their applications months and in some cases over a year ago.
No chance the selection takes about 2 to 3 months and then currently in most jobs you would be waiting an average of 6 months. If you apply today you will be in possibly in the new year.

If you have debts then that might stop you joining when we do our security checks on you.

Get along to your nearest afco for further info



soleil said:
Have you already been in to speak to a RN Careers Advisor?
No. i have not got the money yet to get to a careers office. can you borrow me some? ill pay you back. If you would be kind cause im your friend let me know.
i cant help biting but having a bad day in a job i want out of asap!
im a regular reader of this site and cauliflower DICKS like yourself abusing a useful tool of information like this site is appauling!
have you not got anything else to do with your life you pathetic dobber!
i will pay you in ugandan dollars...right after you bore off!

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