If he Pushes the Button

I'm OK here, who would waste a bomb on Tamworth.
Even the Seagulls fly upside down, there's nothing worth shitting on.
If he does nuke me, keep sharky and Wrecker away from my flip flops.
I bequeath a drink to our "Dear Leader" sea dog, but not a large tot as he's a brass hat and not used to it.
He'd breath it in a Politico's ear anyways and get back classed for the top job.
Wits is the fucker I want to read my epitaph, his silver tongued rhetoric could even make God have a second look before slamming the gate.
Monty ..Devils advocate in case of a split decision for entry into paradise, and as he might know an ayatollah or Mullah might even get me a couple of Virgins thrown in.
Blackrat well,.. he's well placed in the cellar as its nearer where he's going. He wont see 2DD there though as he'll bribe St Peter with a goodie bag or half of Cumbria.
The bastard will probably own half of Heaven as well.

So got any last wishes if two gun starts shooting?
Or ideas if you survive?
"Happy Birthday" (if you're around to celebrate that is....)

Here's an idea for a cake mate (as seen in 1946).


[You cut into it and Strontium 90, Uranium, Plutonium and Fast Neutrons leap out of it and burn your skin off in .00000001 of a millisecond]
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