If anyone could give me their advice and point of view?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bryan, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Hi, im 18 and have done 2 years of college ion electrical installation and Mulitskilled engineering. City and Guilds who are the examining body are now changing the electrical installation course so if i dont do the 3rd year then i wont be able to come back to it later on in life and i will have to start electrical agagin, so i am going to do the 3rd year, for this i need to stay in the town where i am currently.
    i am going in the navy next year hopefully but the jobs around my area are very sparse at the minute and although i have been trying there is nothing as of yet, so it looks like i have to go on jopb seekers and housing benefit, i didnt want to do this.
    Will it look bad in my navy interview if i am on job seekers allowance? will it look bad on me and will it make a difference, i know you may find this petty but it has been worrying me and i just thought it wouldnt hurt asking.
  2. Apply now because waiting times are long. By you'll still be a student when your interview comes around. Job's a good un :p
  3. You will be a student completing the third year of a three year course, won't you, bjb? That's quite a normal situation for an applicant to the Royal Navy to be in.

    One thing I might suggest is that you take advice about JSA and HB, just to make sure that you are eligible while still a student.
  4. I'm on the rock 'n roll, got laid off the Friday before my final interview. Can't see it going against you, reckon a lot of people signing up at the minute are in the same situation.
  5. yeah i can claim both while in education as it is only day release :) thankyou so much.
  6. i applied last year, am going in as an AET, the waiting times keep going up but thats life i suppose :)
    think itl be september 2011 when i go in
  7. thanks for your posts, their really appriciated. thankyou
  8. When you're signing on you can join in my game of finding the most laughable jobs advertised on their computers if you like. For example, today I saw an advert for a Diary Co-ordinator. Now, call me pedantic but isn't that just a secretary?
  9. Its a great game that is. As well as the one were you look around and guess how many of the other people who are waiting to sign on are off their tits
  10. http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/news/Jobcentre39s-ad-for-nude-webcam.6307465.jp

    The jobcentre here obviously have more 'varied' roles available!!!!

    (taken from link above) The advert in full:
    Job title: Webcam Performers
    Job ref: MAE/31813
    Location: Nationwide
    Hours: As and when required. No set working pattern
    Wage: £100 per day
    Pension: No details
    Work pattern: Days, evenings, weekends, nights
    Duration: Permanent
    Description: Applicants must be aged 18 or over. To apply you must contact your local Jobcentre Plus Office to arrange an interview with the adviser.
    This is a home-working vacancy.
    Duties involve explicit sexual dialogue which may cause embarrassment to some people.
    Duties require the successful applicant to be nude/semi-nude.
    Male, female and couples. Must have own broadband internet connection and computer.
    A job with a difference. Must be outgoing, friendly and confident.
    Duties will involve informal chatting via webcam over the internet for the purposes of adult entertainment, along with any other activities that you feel comfortable with.
    There is no obligation to consider making an application.
  11. You will be eligible for JSA if your course is classed as part time by your college. You will need confirmation of this and you will aso have to supply a learning agreement. You will not be eligible for contribution based JSA as you will not have paid enough NI conts, you will however, be able to claim income based JSA and you can do this online from the Directgov website. If you intend to claim housing benefit make sure you do this at the same time; although if you are living with family you will not get it. You can also claim council tax benefit through your Local Authority - you will need proof of benefit from JCP for this.

    I have seen many young people at various stages of the application process for all three services (I worked for Jobcentre Plus until last month) and as long as you are genuinely looking for work and trying to better yourself there is no stigma attached.

    Good luck with it all.
  12. its a deal :) im in
  13. thanks for your posts, theyre great !
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