If AIB is a fail, join as a Rating?


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WhizzbangDai said:
Well done Norther, hope you get you're letter soon!

Give me patience! How many times do we have to go through this? Grammar matters.

You're means 'You are' If you substitute that in the above sentence it makes no sense. Try using 'your' instead.


thingy said:
What sort of message does it sent out to Ratings: serving or potential, that AIB failures can always become Ratings instead? Ratings are the backbone of the RN, not a creche for failures. :evil:

LOL it's a funny old thing settling for something else...

I trained as a chef and anyone who failed their exams had the option of Steward or discharge...

I recatted to MA years later and if you failed exams you could transfer across to any other branch apart from Tiff :lol: most MA failures joined the newly forming OM branches 8O

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