If AIB is a fail, join as a Rating?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Norther, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Alright guys, 1st time posting but gimme no special treatment!

    Been going through the process of officer recruitment, got my medical today and AIB next week.

    I have a realistic approach to the AIB and am fully prepared to accept a fail if it comes my way, but on the back of that I'm equally excited about the prospect of joining as a rating. If I fail the AIB, would it be a fairly straight forward process to join as a rating, or would I have to re-fill in the masses of forms and do the RT test again? Is there any red tape involved, or is there a time period I would have to wait before applying/joining as a rating?

  2. One of the recruiters will be along to give you the chapter and verse, but if I was on your AIB I would be worried that you are considering the possibility of failure.
  3. Everything you have done is easily transferable from officer to rating. But try as hard as you can with the AIB.


  4. I think I've got hung up on what my AFCO told me, that only 50% of people pass AIB. He also told me that I sould be remain grounded and explore a 'B' route, because he's seen well prepped candidates crumble at Sultan. I'll give it my all at AIB, but just don't want all my eggs in one basket. I'm 26 in September, which is bang on cutoff date for Warfare/BRNC so I have one shot at it.

    Cheers SM.
  5. When do they stop recruiting for september then? Thought most of the places would have been allocated by now. Guessing not though otherwise they wouldn't be sending you to the AIB! :) Good luck mate!
  6. If that is tour one shot at it then treat it as if there is no alternative, do not consider plan B there is only Plan A. My situation was somewhat different in that I deliberately missed the opportunity (which was a pretty strong dead cert as it was my mobilsation draft as a reservisst) of going in on a tiffy apprenticeship to do my AIB, so I had already burnt my boats when I got to your position. I passed, I think to a large extent because I expected to pass because it was the only option.

    Right now you must have only one oamb ition and objective, that is to pass AIB. You must focus on this 100%. Remember they do not want those who will be happy with second best.
  7. Cheers for all the advice. I'll give it my absolute best.

    Passed the medical yesterday. I'll let you know how it went this time next week.
  8. Goodluck :) Like you my AFCO told me to consider joining as a rating if I was unsuccessful at AIB. I was told they tend to only offer 20% of applicants places though...not to add pressure!

    Best Wishes
  9. Thanks.

    What was the outcome of yours if you don't mind me asking? My plan B is Warfare Specialist.

  10. I'm still waiting on my AIB date. I recieved a letter a couple of days ago telling me that my application was being processed. Did you recieve a similar letter? If so, how long after did you recieve you date?
  11. I put in a covering letter explaining the predicament of hitting the upper age limit on the day BRNC starts in Sept. I got my medical date & AIB date within a week of the 'processing' letter you recieved (about a week after my interview). It all happened very quickly. My medical was last week and AIB is next week. Good luck to you too.

    I've taken on what Maxi said, much more positive/confident about it now. Stepped up the research too. Well up for it.
  12. That's the spirit, go for it, there is only one person who can make this happen, you.

    Good luck
  13. Just thought I'd follow up on this thread and let u all know how it went.

    After 2 and a bit days of the hardest work/best fun I've had in ages, the board president called me in to tell me I have been successful and with a good mark.

    With that, I want to extend my thanks to all you lot. A bit of focus goes a long way. Will let you know again when I know BRNC date.
  14. Excellent News! Well done!
  15. I would go along with the advice that you should not entertain the possibility of failure. However, if you do have a bad day and are not selected I wouldn't advise joining the RN as a rating subsequently. You will undoubtedly meet officers who were in your AIB group and you will probably develop a big chip on your shoulder about the fact that they are such prats and still got through. The "unfairness" of the system will burn a hole in your gut for the rest of your career. Even if you make Senior UY the prats will be Commanders when you are still a Lieutenant. Try the Army, or God forbid, the Crabs.
  16. Wardmaster. Sorry mate got to totally disagree with you on that one.

    If our young sprog grunter here dips out and joins as a rating he could still get the smame treatment from someone who makes killick before him, you will allways meet knobbers in life and if he wants to be a matelot better that than a crab.
  17. Well done for passing Candidate 1 Board 1 :wink:
  18. Thanks mate, you too! I slept so well last night. Managed to get a couple of stellas in at Basingstoke station too. Fingers crossed that we get good news through the post eh?
  19. What sort of message does it sent out to Ratings: serving or potential, that AIB failures can always become Ratings instead? Ratings are the backbone of the RN, not a creche for failures. :evil:

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