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If AET's aren't on the high pay band who is?



I am in the RAF at the minute as an SAC(T) working on Tornado's on the high pay band but am thinking of transferring to the RN as an AET and have a question about pay.

Are the equivilant AET's on the high pay band? If not who is? Surely aircraft techies are worthy of the high pay band.

Thanks in advance


Lantern Swinger
Don't go there shipmate. Pay 2000(1) is still an issue even though the Second Sea Lords party line is that it isn't an issue - ask anyone on the lower pay band. Pay 2000 killed off the "all of one company" ethos and is made worse by many people on different pay bands doing the same job. In a ship we all pull together. The choice of name for the bands (higher & lower) was also poorly considered.

Pay 2000 was going to be rolled out to the Officer Corps is due course. Here we are 5 years since implementation and only us damn ratings are on pay 2000.

Any way, why do you want to leave the RAF? Home for tea and medals isn't it?

The RAF always gets my vote - any service that sends its Officers into battle first can't be bad.



Ref AET pay. AET's are in a low pay band. The Navy get's away with it because it claims that AET's have not completed the same amount of training or to the same standard that the RAF AE's have. AET's join SQDN's still having to do 26 weeks of hands on training to gain QM & QS status. The kids are not even qualified on the line initially. Some of these issues are being looked at, the pay banding I suspect will not.


Thanks for your replies guys,

Will probably have to join the Andrew anyway as my time in the RAF is almost up and can't see me getting promoted, so do I throw away 15 years of my life for no pension or move over finish my time off and get a pension in 7 years time?

I know which one I choose :D

Is it true AET's get the hooks after about 5 years and do they go back to Sultan to do extra training? Does anybody know what's involved with this training?

Sorry for all the questions guys, thanks in advance.



It is fair to say that five years to get your rate would be about the average. As you are no doubt aware you will have to pass exams and fill all other criteria as well as being an all round good kid. Once selected you will go back to DCAE (which ever site its relocated to) for further training working your way over the course of a full career to a foundation degree. The length of the courses are trade dependent. The training will be both practical and theory with Maths and Science modules, as you would expect with this type of career. You will also get Naval general training, some Military training, leadership, PT, drill etc. If you are outstanding there is the possibility of being fast tracked to the next course and further promotion. Should you leave the RAF to join the RN you will have to accept the new pension scheme.


War Hero
As an SAC(T) you far out qualify an AET- Think AMM! you don't say what trade you are or if you have multiskilled? Have you done MSAT at Cosford, completed your IP etc? If you have your quals are similar to an LAET, Bearing this in mind you should contact either a recruiter (although they don't generally deal with transfers) or perhaps HMS Sultan direct. With your service experience, quals and experience they may be able to do you a transfer deal, much of this will depend on your age, tx date etc they could offer you certain seniority allowing you to go on LAET course early possibly!! Also if you transfer rather than leave and rejoin you may remain on your current pension.


Thanks for the info Chieftiff, I am a Airframe Tech and from what you say I do out qualify the AET's having an HNC in Aircraft Engineering and NVQ Level 3 Aircraft Maintenance. Have spoken today to a Warrant at the Directorate of Naval Recruiting he tells me that I would probably be put on a LAET's course, but of course cannot guarantee it!

I am right in thinking that there is scope for accelerated promotion to PO from the LAET course and do the Navy still run tiff courses?


War Hero
No Tiffs anymore I'm afraid. AET career structure is such that they receive on completion of CPO course (and a few assignments as I understand it) a foundation degree. There is scope for accelerated advancement and placemnt on POAET course from LAET course depending on how well you do. Feel free to PM me and I can point you in the right direction with ref to career structure etc. Oh and to answer your initial question all AETs from hooky(leading hand) up are in the higher pay band.
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