Idiot teachers taking kids up mountains

GRRRR....just got back from going up Scafell Pike today, weather was totally obscured by cloud all the way up and all the way down. There was a party of about 20 -30 schoolkids aged about 10 or 11 with 3 -4 teachers(didn't even have proper kit) Because the weather was so bad I had to check off with compass & map every so often. The teachers had got lost so were relieved to see me etc . Turns out they didn't even have a fecking map. Said to them "Oh well, I'll give you a general bearing to follow in case you miss the cairns" One of em said "Oh thats ok I've got a compass" Then this cnut produces some kind of joke compass like you get in a chrimbo cracker - totally fecking useless etc

Drives me nuts that so called people in responsibility takes such risks with the kids etc - I;ve got 2 kids of my own and there's no way I'd let them go on a school trip up a fecking hillside like that - it was totally negligent - they go off ok in the end though as I pointed em in the right direction a bit further down.....

Sorry rant over though we wonder how accidents happen etc.....!!!! :thumright:

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