Identifying ships for SIFT interview


I have my SIFT interview for the RFA soon and have been told that identifying a few ships in the fleet may be part of it - I can identify the ships in terms of their class but I am having trouble identifying them down to which exact ship it is - I'm not sure whether this is a big part of the interview or how much detail will be needed but if anyone could shed any light on that it would be great. Any help in how to get better at identifying the ships in general would also be very much appreciated as from simply looking at pictures they all appear very much alike to me (within the classes, anyway). Cheers!


Lantern Swinger
I can't imagine needing to distinguish between ships of a class as part of the interview. As long as you know a bit about the classes and their specific roles and capabilities.


Lantern Swinger
I was shown a photo of a RAS and had to identify the class of ship. They weren’t after the ships name but if you can remember pennant numbers and names it would set you apart from the other interviewees.

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