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Identifying a piece of kit

Hi There hope you dont mind me crossing over from ARRSE to try to identify a piece of kit. was brought into our local Napolionic fort/Military Museum. Not 100% sure if its RN. but any ideas would be welcome. As I cant see a way to add a picture I will try to describe it. Any help addind a picture also welcome. we have navey blue webb belt aprox 3" in width hook and eye brass buckle on which is a Navy blue pouch aprox 8" wide 5" top to bottom in which is a small enclosure oss for a knife and a 3ft length of rope a toggle one end a loop attached through the pouch to the belt the other. Both ends are wipped and tied with a bowline.Thank you sorry about no picture
I have sent a photo to the gallery if its approved by the admin it may help titled Pouch. I now understand we cant easily upload images to the forum. Ta Muchly


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If you upload it to a file-sharing website like and then attach the URL of the file location we can view the picture in this thread... :wink:


Yes it's an old life jacket casing, with the lifejacket cut off.

The rope and toggle was that so you could tether yourself to others that might also be in the water, so you remained a group and didn't drift apart, I believe.


One M.
:thanks: Thank you very much chaps It will be on display at the Langard fort at Felixstowe before long and the info is much appreciated. Raise a glass to the R Navy
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