Identify the T boat?


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You could try the Devonport Naval Heritage Centre, Breechspike.

I wanted to suggest the Submarine Museum, but they have a new policy of not taking on enquiries.


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If WreckerL is saying that it's a T Boat, definitely go with that, he knows his stuff.
Thankyou Sol :)

It's a T because no foreplanes showing (on S & T boats they're retractable and below the waterline), it's a T because of the large rudder, S boats are half the size, and it's cold moving (reactor is shutdown) as she's running diesels.

I'm guessing she's about to dock down as she has a howdah fitted on the fin.

Simples, plus I served on 2 S boats and 4 T boats (had another 2 S boats as loan drafts as well).
Is this one of the Resolution class, so one of Resolution, Repulse, Renown or Revenge?

Sorry but 'frayed knot, as already ruled out by @WreckerL - Aside from the position of the foreplanes; for comparison the extended length is the big giveaway - 16 Polaris Missile tubes housed in pairs within that long compartment immediately abaft the fin.


V. lifelike 1/120 scale Model -

From HMS Resolution's FB page. ATT the 4th boat was allegedly providing our CASD...


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I was on Spartan in refit 87/88 don't remember any T docking, first of T in for refit was Traf?
Not every boat that went into the SRC went for a refit, I've been on boats in dock there for RUPs and CUP's (DEDs in old money in reality).


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I'm not sure, someone like Janner or Breathing Out On The Way Up might know. They will probably see this thread in the next 24 hours or so.

Sol I'm proud to say I never went anywhere near anything with with a steam kettle, not even for a look around in case it was taken as being interested. Diesel Boats all the way.

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