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Identify the T boat?


Ah... Should've said I haven't got a date time or any info on this... was hoping someone has seen it before :/


Thankyou everyone,
I very much appreciate your help.
Im sure, as you say - others may happen to know exactly who she is.


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You could try the Devonport Naval Heritage Centre, Breechspike.

I wanted to suggest the Submarine Museum, but they have a new policy of not taking on enquiries.


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If WreckerL is saying that it's a T Boat, definitely go with that, he knows his stuff.
Thankyou Sol :)

It's a T because no foreplanes showing (on S & T boats they're retractable and below the waterline), it's a T because of the large rudder, S boats are half the size, and it's cold moving (reactor is shutdown) as she's running diesels.

I'm guessing she's about to dock down as she has a howdah fitted on the fin.

Simples, plus I served on 2 S boats and 4 T boats (had another 2 S boats as loan drafts as well).


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I was on Spartan in refit 87/88 don't remember any T docking, first of T in for refit was Traf?
Is this one of the Resolution class, so one of Resolution, Repulse, Renown or Revenge?

Sorry but 'frayed knot, as already ruled out by @WreckerL - Aside from the position of the foreplanes; for comparison the extended length is the big giveaway - 16 Polaris Missile tubes housed in pairs within that long compartment immediately abaft the fin.


V. lifelike 1/120 scale Model -

From HMS Resolution's FB page. ATT the 4th boat was allegedly providing our CASD...


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I was on Spartan in refit 87/88 don't remember any T docking, first of T in for refit was Traf?
Not every boat that went into the SRC went for a refit, I've been on boats in dock there for RUPs and CUP's (DEDs in old money in reality).
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