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Identify EA left behind when AFFRAY sailed on her fatal training trip.

Tui Bird

Don't want to raise a big deal about the sad loss of the AFFRAY --- my views are clearly stated , for good or bad in my review of the book on the subject. .

However I have been going over the crew list again -----I have already stated that compared with the crew of ARTEMIS ( crew photograph) that I was on about the same time , AFFRAY's ER and MR people that sailed with her , were about the same -- a normal crew , so shortage of ER people was not part of a cause as often stated by commentators . I also see this sort of comment as an unwarranted criticism of the crew -- people of the same flotilla as us. I kept a lot of MR snort watches and never saw any lack of attention to their duty by the people on the ER platform.

No, now all I want is some help if available, I have sorted through the published list of those left ashore and determined their ratings etc , but the EA , who did not go according to the Inquiry , isn't listed as such , but there is a Dennis Riley without a rating and I think he must have been the EA ? Anybody have any clues ?

Crew supposedly left behind -- I say supposedly because I don't know if its from an official source ?

AS or L/S Michael Barlow -- Radar Operator replaced for reasons unknown, by L/S Cooke ----- not to counted in missing from normal crew
CPO Gordon Selby ( Instructor of Executive Officers Training Class) -- supernumary taken ill , not replaced--- not to counted in missing from normal crew
SM Herbert Allen ----- WW2 ribbons in pic----- his son part of the Memorial organisation
Dennis Riley ---- might be the EA, ?
ERA2 Alexander Duncombe
Signalman Charles ‘Chick’ Henderson
LEM Jim Johnson --- LEM Wood was aboard --- usually only one LEM, so not really a shortage ?
L/S John Goddard 23 years old in 1951. Deceased . Expressed public concerned about the loss of AFFRAY , over the years.
AS Stanley Crowe
AS Frank Kendrick
AS Peter Warriss
AS George Warden
AS Edward Hickman
Thanks --Tui Street .
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