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1. Use the shoe horn as a tyre lever and the vaseline as lube - change a cycle puncture
2. x2 shoe horns = home made specculum with lube
3. put on a difficut pair of shoes
4. gardening - use shoe horn to extract weeds and vaselene to kill slugs
5. motor maintenance - use shoe horn to apply vaselene to battery terminals
rosinacarley said:
imom1406 said:
I also use the aforementioned to get me into a small leather red thong!

Now I have the most awful image in my brain! I do hope that you have a bod like Capt Sam BRN!

In my head i have a body like Cap'n Sam in reality more like Cap'n Birdseye....before they killed the old git off!!
fishmiester said:

Why does the woman at work want this list of 10???

We were making conversation and I told her how innovative you all are!

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