ideas to really p*ss someone off without getting caught!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sweet_feet, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. hiya,

    does anyone have any great practical joke ideas or shemes that would realy piss off an arrogant, fat horrible ginger toss3r....without getting caught....I've tried a few tricks in the past few weeks but they arent getting the result i need to get this guy so pissed off he will leave the house share we are temporarily in: a little info on the situation:

    Currently in ahouse share with a 30yr old twat...he's always late with rent and has refused to pay a fair share of some bills...which means i will have to pay for his half ...tried getting advice off landlord but apparently its down to me to collect the £....he steals, lies and is the dirtiest bastard ive ever met...put it this way in the 2YEARS he has lived in the house he has NEVER washed his bed covers.....

    Ive, let tyres down on his mates bike he borrowed, (V old school) but put pepper in his boxers which resulted in a very worried trip to the STD clinic for him (I absolutely pissed myself when he told me!!he he ) um...laxatives in his tea...(he later went for a run and shat himself....:) ) but i've now run out of ideas......

    all ideas welcome!
  2. Well if its your house, why not just wait till he goes out and get all the locks changed......
  3. Dunno any ideas. But if you're both on the tenancy agreement he's legally responsible for half the rent. I had a flatmate try and rip me off in my days.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Before you start this 'campaign' can I suggest you have a word with the landlord about your tenancy agreement? Is it a joint agreement (i.e. co-signatores) or do you have two separate ageements? If it is the former then you are both to blame for any late payments. And I'm assuming you're the only co-occupant, so it would not be hard for him to suss out that you are responsible for the things that are going wrong.

    To be honest, if you don't like the guy I'm surprised you are living with him. If you continue to hound him then you may come off worse (legally) so if you hate the guy so much - regardless of what colour his hair is - then I would suggest you cut your losses and move out, even at the expense of losing your deposit. Surely the biggest 'revenge' would be to let someone live with him?

    Do you have any proof that he has stolen from you, as you claim? If so then report the mater to the police. If he has defaulted on rent then that is the concern of the landlord, who may give him (and you, if it is a joint agreement) notice to quit, or take him/you to the Small Claims Court for arrears. But you may open yourself to all sorts of trouble as you have admited here that you have committed criminal damage to an innocent party's bike, and assault/harrassment on your co-habitee with the pepper stunt.

    Swallow your pride, get out of the agreement and move out. Easier for everyone. But don't come on here and make a post like this and expect any sympathy. The art of seeking revenge is to do it in private and get away with it with a self-satisfying smug grin; bragging about it defeats o object... :roll:
  5. This is the problem....its not my house, and the tenancy agreement isnt worth the paper its written on....according to the CAB.... I just need to urge him to piss off somewhere else! and have a good laugh at his expense whilst doing it! :)

    the 'tenancy agreement' is due to renew on 01 Jan....theres a new lettings company taking it over and will be changing to a proper agreement...and i want to get him out by then so he wont sign up for another 6 months...I would move out but i'm trying to save for a deposit on a new place soon and the rent in this house is quite cheap and enabling me to save a fair whack of my wages.... viscious circle....
  6. sgtpepper...didnt mean it for sympathy just any few funny ideas...! i was just thinking that some of you may have been in similar situations and was just opening a topic for a bit of a laugh!

  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well I understood that, but you also asked for advice, which is what I gave. Yes, I have been in similar situations with other tenants but, despite the temptation, I did the boring, sensible thing... perhaps you could do the same? But if you don't then I wouldn't brag about it, that's all I'm saying...
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: ideas to really p*ss someone off without getting caught!

    If your tenancy agreement is up for renewal in Jan I cant see matey boy moving out by then, what with Crimbo and stuff.

    Sgt Pepperband is just giving you the legal aspect, what being a reggie it's in his blood. Do bear in mind what he says though.

    Now, onto the fun bit, what does this chap do? hobbies, work, drink etc? :twisted:
  9. sov sgtpepper... mis read your post! was just looking to have a throw around of daft ideas! :)

    hobbies are: running (along the canal, you'll know where i mean being a fellow tauntonian) and sitting on his arse watching shit TV all day....

    he's a builder of some description.....

    and drinks anywhere where he think he might get either a fight or a bit of skirt..... (neither likely as he is weak as a kitten and frighteningly ugly! :) )

    the reason we got into the house share was...there was three ppl in there to begin with (its a big house) then one moved out and this guy is the mate of the other remaining housemate (apart from myself) all started ok...then...the other housemate left....leaving myself and fuckwit .... He's stubborn as hell and lazy to boot...hence why he may need a little encouragement to go....:)
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Being ugly in Taunton is not unique, it's unfortunate for civvy blokes because 40 is just down the road and it's a known fact all Booties are essence.....

    The remedy might be quite simple, I take it you all rent a bedroom and share the common space, i.e. sitting room, kitchen. If there's a room going spare why dont you see if you've any mates looking for accom? that way he's out numbered.
  11. yeah that is a very good!

    i thought of that though and there isnt a single person who will move to within about a 2mile radius of this plonker...... unles..... I can try and find some random essence 3rd party...either a bird that will keep turning him down so he'll feel like atwat or a bloke who will just make him feel small and insignificant....? any volunteers? :)
  12. wet_blobby is on his way :thumright:
  13. Your mad
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: ideas to really p*ss someone off without getting caught!

    I think you'll find sweet-feet has one of those newer model bootnecks to play with chico... :nod:
  15. well i have heard the older models are more reliable blobbs! lol....
  16. We will send you kgladams he would make anyone go.
  17. If he's a builder of some description and you really want to piss him off - ring HM Customs & Excise anon and tell you think he's fiddling VAT. .. tends to do the trick!
  18. Re: ideas to really p*ss someone off without getting caught!

    Im currently experiencing exactly the same problem as yourself right now and it is NOT a pleasent thing to go through at all!

    I rang up my landlord and told them all about the scruffy [email protected] that lives in this hell hole swiftly followed by...due to this i am now looking for an alternative place to live.......i have since kept a diary and I keep informing them every couple of weeks as to the latest goings on to what the fat, lazy, smelly, dirty XXXX is up to so that they have rock solid evidence to evict him.

    Other than that youve obviously done all of the old school tricks like what i have done, but after a while they dont mean anything!

    If i was you, look for somewhere else to live, i am, and trust me, the feeling is amazing knowing that you can leave the hell hole you are living in!
  19. surely he cant be that bad? or is he that good? :biggrin:
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: ideas to really p*ss someone off without getting caught!

    SSsssh, dont let NZB or Nutty-bag hear you say that....our secret OK? :whew:

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