Idea's to beat being bored needed

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by tug1970, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. After being an inpatient and now discharged home and being told I can't go back to work for a least a month. I need ideas to keep me busy. Come on give some good idea's people.
  2. sounds like a great idea, I will buy another rabbit skin glove. :wink: :D
  3. get football manager on the go and try and win the champions league with a conference team...or get really fanatical about jeremy kyle and loose women??
  4. :twisted: Cant do links[equipment obsolete ] but go to youtube chavs being beaten up :!: Some of the twats getting filled in are ginger. :lol:
  5. On a more serious note, I'd try to teach myself something. A month's hard graft would be enough to prepare for various industry qualification exams in my field, with some prior experience.
  6. [​IMG]


    Taking pot shots at the local c*nts from the bedroom window is an old favourite, keep me occupied for days
  7. Im surprised you managed to get a picture of Deano, I think when he finds out, he is going to be after you with a dagger in the mouth dressed in black.
  8. This is what i hate the most. still eventually they will break the law in a way the even uncle Tony and his liberal guardian reading fuk-twats wont be able to ignore and then they are introduced to my little world.....MAUHAHAHAHA.

    I hope thier mums are proud!!.....actually, no wait DEAD!

    Rant ovr
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Carlsberg don't do rifle ranges. But if they did....


  10. Gentlemen what brilliant idea's I shall spend my days chav plinking and knocking one off the wrist. I do like the study idea toucan so I will make some inquiries in to a course to do and hope to back at work in month or two
    if all is well. I have been sat around that much I even read the local free paper.
  11. Have a look at the Radio 4 schedule, if you don't already listen. It has some interesting programmes. Honestly!
  12. Get yourself down to your local Library and get one of those '1001 things to do before you die' type books.
    Start at No1 and see how far you can get.
    That should help cure your lack of imagination, creativity and wank post creating.
  13. How do you know he isn't already more "highly qualified" than you?
  14. Sorry Toucan, I just saw your post and noticed this is actually lils not the sensible advice forum. :D
  15. On the assumption that you're not confined to bed, you could get a new cookery book and pick a different recipe each day. Something a bit different like this (out of print but available on Amazon Marketplace):

    You will benefit physically from eating something nourishing and, while you are doing all the preparation, you should be a little less bored.

    Get Tesco to deliver, as well.
  16. Are we still talking about wanking? If so, it's highly unlikely.

    Hang on...

    We have a sensible advice forum? Where?

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