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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by tsissab86, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. hey anyone know where to get ID tags and what info goes on them?
  2. you order them through JPA you get name, service number, religion, blood type.
  3. That is true for the majority of us mortals. In your case Ja5on I rather suspect they'd be left blank, Like your IQ! :wink:
  4. It would have my religion on it: Jaffa cake Jedi

    I see you are newbie bashing again I would start tommorow if the navy had the space to take me. I only know due to working and training with the RNR.

    Incidently you don't have to of passed raleigh to get one you just need your service number and JPA login they come with your pass.
  5. How soon does tsissab86 need them? Whereabouts on JPA do you order them? I got mine as blanks with issued respirator, then was told by the warrant officer dealing with RNR mobilisations from my branch to get them engraved at Timpsons (£12.95 I think), then claim it back on JPA under medical expenses. There wasn't time to go through the proper process with the people who supply them along with ID cards.

    For info:

    Top line: O NEG, AB POS or whatever you are.
    2nd line: service number
    3rd line: SURNAME
    4th line: INITIAL
    5th line: religion CE, RC etc
  6. When I went out to Iraq I was meant to have issue ID discs, but they never appeared (only asked four months before I deployed, obviously too difficult - I went as a civilian and had top-notch training and support, this was about the one thing that didn't work).

    So I went to Timpsons, explained what I wanted, and got some pet's ID tags engraved with my details as described (name, MOD CIV, religion, staff number, blood group). Made calling them 'dog tags' even more appropriate... the gentleman at Timpsons seemed familiar with the routine and even suggested "C of E" rather than "Atheist" for 'religion' since I'd either be dead or captured if they were being examined.

    The only drawback was that they were engraved, not stamped, so they aren't as distinctly clear: but since I was doing a nice safe job in Div HQ I wasn't too worried. (Name, number and blood group Sharpied on the sides of the heels of my boots was for amusement rather than anything serious - no matter what, isn't there always one smoking boot left? ;) )
  7. I lost mine and got another set made up from a vending machine in Pets at Home.

    You can get the normal style, but I went for the dog bone. FOST did not find it funny.

    It only takes about a minute to make them, and only cost a couple of quid,
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jeez! Why bother buying them, when Pusser gives you them for free anyway?! :shock:
  9. Got more different dog tags than conflict medals..!
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Bring back the red and green cardboard ones! Served me well even if I did manage to stamp one of the letters of my name on it backwards...
    Got issued the new fangled metal ones and thought they were crap, one of the bloody things bent and they looked sod all like the ones Tom Cruise had in Topgun.
  11. Go on to Dii and search for either SVPA web page or for form FIDENT 1024, it is the form used to apply for your ID card and your ID tags, just fill in the details and tick the correct box.

    It then needs to be signed by someone of WO or above and posted to Centurion Building.
  12. I always wondered why the blood group thing has persisted. I would never rely on information on dog tags, tattoos etc - if the person needs blood then they will get universal donor until a crossmatch comes through.
  13. At long last! I'm in demand - I'm O-Neg so everybody needs me when they are in the poo!
  14. :?: I didnt think that you could get blood out of a stoned.

    .........................................................................................Hasty retreat
  15. I 'll just use my old round ones with my old service number on,it'll be fun, if they want to find out who i was they'll have to go off and do some proper research....that'll keep them on their feet :twisted:

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