I'd like a boat like that

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Go back to THURSDAY. Bimble into the Co-Op on the corner. Pick those seven numbers from this Fridays
    Euro Millions lottery draw. Wouldn't be sat here at 02:30 on a fu**ing Sunday morning typing this shite.
  2. I'd go back to friday and change the numbers.
  3. I'd go back to Thursday, with blackened face and hoodie, wait for you outside the Co-Op, introduce myself as 'rumrat', then at knifepoint I'd take you ticket and scarper.
  4. Are you a nigger too?
    Well done.
  5. Go back to Wednesday and torch the shop.
  6. Go back to tuesday and white rat you so by now your in custody and couldn't post what you just did.
  7. Go back to Monday, torch it then leave your DNA at the scene. Catch a plane to Rio.
  8. Yes but there's always "Sunday"......
  9. Sunday is a make and mend!!!
  10. Thats a day of rest.........anyway, the wife wants the Mondeo to go to church !
  11. Load of bollox anyway as how you going to get the Mondeo to get to the 88mph?
  12. Good point !
  13. If I'd known this thread was going to go to two pages I'd have bought a faster car !
  14. Beachy head!
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  15. You drive a Mondeo? Sympathy card on its way.
  16. Did the wife manage to get the car to go to church or is it still an agnostic
  17. Why do you think she's taken it to church...........resurrection....or last rites !
  18. No.... it's a Ghia !
  19. Mines got five, six if you count reverse.

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