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A courteous professional enquiry from a close friend came to me to see if anyone knew this chap. He's 54 now, and was apparently in the Corps for only 7 years before transferring to "the Army". Now a dentist with intriguing spiritual interests and a sideline in organising mountain expeditions and motorcycling adventure holidays. No reason not to believe the pitch, his website is sufficiently "bootneck bonkers" to be valid but I was asked, so can anyone shed any light?

Here's his page:


War Hero
Unless there has been some recent editing or I'm just gash at Interweb, I only see two references to his RM status. Hardly 'Bootneck bonkers' or 'Corps Pissed' to use the RM description.

No pictures of him in his bedroom wearing a green lid, mega 'tasche, posing with an air rifle and the most exaggerated pointy trigger finger like Jimbo Shortt.

I know a booty and 2 matelots,
same vintage as this guy - same vintage as me- who have taken similar post service paths to this chap, one is a Bish.

From what I see I don't see why light should be shed or comment even made. Yet here I am.
If you are interested in taking it further I can (or you can) pass the details on to the WalterMitty group for them to investigate but he doesn't seem to be making ridiculous claims or statements.

Is there any reason why you doubt he is genuine?


War Hero
Is there any reason why you doubt he is genuine?

. No reason not to believe the pitch, his website is sufficiently "bootneck bonkers" to be valid....
This is why these type of threads are arrse. The virtuous, self appointed guardians of Valhalla jump to confusions and before you know it, some undeserving bloke is getting unwarranted attention from entitled Veterans whose own service may be woefully inadequate by some standards.

I have an acquaintance who did 5 years as a pongo 35 years ago, albeit with a stiffening tour of NI in there. He seems to be a member of every Veterans' group you've ever heard of - and a few you haven't- and moans on Facebook when only 4 Veterans turn up for his latest obscure campaign march. Any excuse to wear his squaddiness on his sleeve. To compound his offence he's one of these chaps who equates being a ( not an outlaw) biker with military virtues and so naturally, his regimental beret and a 'look at my Veteranness' adorned waistcoat are much in evidence.

Some folk deserve close attention and 'outing' but I feel that those with a 'does not compute' profile on LinkedIn are often the victims of the ignorance of the beholder to appreciate that not all career profiles are:

'did 22 years in the Andrew, left as a senior AB and got a job as a bell boy at the Dorchester where I can still wear my medal ribbons'.
The Bootie who convinced me to jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft was a White Witch (should that be Warlock?), takes all sorts..........
Just asked my Lt Col RM oppo and he can confirm he was a Royal, (the chap in question not him).
Thanks, that's all I needed.

To explain; my ex-army friend has a professional, commercial interest in this chap and asked me to support a low level background check before investment. I am not implying he is anything other than he says, was just after someone to say they knew him or at least had no reason to doubt him. I think I have that now and OAMAAM appears to concur.

And Seadog?....When I said "bootneck bonkers" it wasn't to imply "bonkers about being a bootneck" I was using "bootneck" as an attributive adjective to the word "bonkers" eg. "So how bonkers would you say he was?...Oh, bootneck bonkers I'd say"

Similar use to the phrase "He's not gay, he's bootneck curious"

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