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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Matt1993, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. When i was on my PRNC I noticed the fasionable landyards and military ID cards everyone had. At what point will I be issued with one of these?
  2. Have a box full in my garage for RNA purposes

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  3. When you need one.
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  4. Well thanks Danny, I figured that one out for my self strangely enough. what i didnt know was whether this is during phase 1 or 2
  5. Are you joining for the lanyard? :p
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  6. Again you will get one when you need one. That is all you need to know.
  7. 'Fashionable'?

  8. They're all the rage Monty donchaknow??? I mean ... would you be seen dead without one dangling around your person?????
  9. Well now I'm all self conscious about whether my lanyard is considered on-trend or not. I wouldn't want to appear out of touch with the kids. Anyone got Gok-Wan's phone number?

    One of you must have.
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  10. This is worse than the infamous iron and suitcase threads.
  11. I wear a RNRMC one, just to wind up the serving and numerous ex serving Crabs at work

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  12. I wear a company one because I'm a company man, it's also mandatory which helps!
  13. I try to keep mine hidden inside my shirt pocket, just to find out which throbbers will stop their car and shout at me. Just a game I play.
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  14. I lost mine in 1984 and got a severe beasting and a £75 fine.
    The only time I used my card was to get out of trouble with the police , get laid and if we thought we might get some freebies. It stayed in my wallet most of the time and was rarely asked for, even when going into another barracks, all changed now though eh? Since when has it been a concern on how to display your id and be fashionable with it at the same time?
    When I worked as a prison officer I still kept my id in my wallet and enjoyed deriding officers that lost there id in ruckus with prisoners because they wore it around there neck to a: remember who they were b: to remind the prisoners who they were or c: because they like looking like a covk

    For the op.

    Wear and display the ID card in the way that you are instructed to do and you will have no problems whatsoever and good luck
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  15. I handed mine in baby scribes cut it up in front of me hope he has piles
  16. You used it to get laid? Was there not a cash machine nearby?
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  17. Binned my company one, purple not my colour. Have to wear ID on show as we are now an international airport. Plus ID unlocks the doors.

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  18. You've never been fashionable - your gopping grid is enough to see to that.

    ps - welcome back f*ckface.
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  19. The RN confiscated mine when I left. However when I worked for BAe I spent time with the Royal Thai Navy, they let me keep my ID card. Very useful to flash at Thai cops usually managed to get you off a fine or bribe.:p
  20. Just handed my Brize Norton one back (changed section at work) if I go now I'll have to queue up with the great unwashed

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