ID Cards to go alongside Veterans badges


War Hero
There is the Defence Discount Card for those who want cheap stuff. There seems to be some vetting involved in getting one and even without a mug shot it looks a bit 'Defence / services so should give some egotists a perky. Others will be raging that it is available to MOD Civil Servants, some of whom - like some Reservists - have seen more war than some of those who feel 'entitled'.
Interestingly there are quite a few MOD CS who have legitimately earned their ACSM due to repeated tours in not very pleasant places. Some of them have, as Slim rightly notes, seen some very punchy tours too.

For me VR is a useful filter for automatically pruning my linkedin contacts and rejecting new random requests from people who are doubtless the type of people who want an NDM and think the Daily Mail is a source of truth (and soft core porn) when it comes to issues about illegal immigrants claiming benefits while stealing your jobs and 19 year old horsey students called arabella stripping for 'charity'...
The 'new' type of RNA membership card (the laminated photo one) allegedly (cough) works extremely well in Merryka when asking for Military or Government discount.........

Just saying like!

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