ID a Doodat for me ?


This item has always been with my Grandfather's Navy bits and pieces, and papers. I have no idea what it is. Answers on a postcard please... It may not even be a nautical thing but I don't know. Many thanks.



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The fleur-de-lis could be something to do with the Royal Welch Fusiliers as it goes.

Not sure about the paper it's on.

The other thing is a one pence piece.


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Could it be a (squashed) napkin ring, as used in the Wardrobe? Any stewards handy?

Too small as the penny is a size reference but I like your thinking. I'm liking the woogglle ( 2 x o 2 x g and 2 x l as spell checker don't like it). idea.
Repluse, my great uncle in-law was on the POW as a boy seaman gun crew on a stbd QF 5.25 gun when she had her hiccup in Force Z. And he's still with us.
Hi flymo.
My Grandfather was only on Repulse during the world tour in 1923/24. He had retired and been recommissioned when Force Z sailed. Lovely to hear your uncle is still alive. I hope you've debriefed him for all his memories.