Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lauralovestodig, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. the culture show on BBC have been searching for Britians greatest living icon- top three

    David Attenborough
    Paul McCartney

    how the hell did Morrissey make the same grade as Attenborough... all then man did was make being depressed and vegetarian cool!!

    Kate moss did make it to number 9- which makes me think either we are very short on iconS(living that is) or the British public admire a coke snorting hussy
  2. yeah laura ... but like you've got to admit like ... she's a bit gorgeous this ere Kate Moss like ... cor ...
  3. Wouldn't have rated McCartney in the top three either.

  4. Love him or hate him, (personally I don't follow football so I'm indifferent) but you have to admit, if we're talking iconic and British;

    David Beckham.
  5. what about shearer, ian botham, brian may and strangely Terry Wogan???? :D :D

    Love her or hate her Mrs T? 8O 8O

    we, as a nation, have a huge number of people who influence lives around the world in a wide number of ways.....artists, scientists, politicos, sports men and women.....why are they not top of the list rather than musical has beens and "models"?????? :twisted: :twisted:

    David Attenbourgh tho? good choice. The man is a star. I have spoken with him and he really can't see what all the fuss is about! He's spent the last 40 years doing what he loves and really can't see why he gets all this adulation......... :roll:
  6. No problems with David Attenborough
    How about Michal Palin?
  7. oh good choice he is a bit of a legend...
  8. What about Jeremy Clarkson?
  9. How about Pete Docherty!!!!

    Keep Striving
  10. From a submariners point of veiw:- Nutty!
  11. Stirling Moss,Jackie Stewart,Proff Hawkings,My Mum!
  12. Andym's Mum???? OK, .... but she better make a good figgy duff!!

    Doh! there I go again, using Naval slang that nobody will understand??
  13. Tony Blair,

    blue touch paper duly lit, phil runs for cover

  14. Ive just spat me cup of tea at the screen!! Get yer Hat Phil!!!!!

  15. MOO!
  16. What about HM The Queen - I don't think you get more iconic than Her Maj?
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Moojuice. You need to ask yourself if Current Affairs is the forum for you. I'm already formulating an opinion.
  18. Sir Ranulph Fiennes yep I know he was a Pongo Rupert,
    Sir Richard Branson
    Wallace from wallace and grommit
  19. Boris Johnson gets my vote!Hes just sooooo funny!
  20. Christopher Biggins?

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