Iconic Sea-Front Dinosaur Torched

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. Before:




    <<Arsonists are thought to be behind a fire that destroyed the dinosaur sculpture on Southsea Common.

    The statue, called Luna Park, was brought to the city by Portsmouth art group aspex, but it is owned by Cardiff's Chapter Gallery.

    It was due to leave Southsea on October 10 for Colchester.>>


    No.1 suspect would have been poor Jolly Jack once upon a time, but these days the local outrage bus queue is in favour of lynching students and/or chavs for this allegedly mindless act of destruction.

    (Whilst I live nearby I have a good brief & a water-tight alibi)
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Arguably, the arsonist(s) used their own artistic expression to create a post apocalyptic Eiffel Tower.

    If Banksy had 'dunnit', it would have quadrupled in value instantly.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mindless indeed, but the message is to make the next one with a non-flammable skin.
  4. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    I had a picture done with my parents by the dino just before they abandoned me and left me here just over a week ago haha- it was the first thing I really saw in Portsmouth, was going to go have a look over the weekend but now he is gone :cry: I hope they find whoever did it, and find out why they would bother doing something so meeeeean!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's not a patch on the "walnut-whip" sculpture which both greets & warns visitors to Pompey.

  6. Iconic !... is that like from Icon..... like Ikea.. ? :lol:
  7. Yes, it probably is.

    Iconic? Iconic? It's only been there since bloody August! I do so miss those icons FEARLESS and INTREPID from No 3 Basin. Oh, and that iconic hammerhead crane.

    Anything's an "icon" these days, it seems.

    Rant overload breakers have now tripped.
  8. Ninja,

    In the right hand side distance - another view of your "walnut-whip" sculpture.

    This time in broad daylight and from 'tother side of the tracks. (Pound's scrapyard - a vista for sore eyes; that is if you hadn't got sore eyes already :oops: ).


    For Flagdeck,

    That scrapyard site was where IKEA very nearly built their Portsmouth outlet, but wisely thought better of it. :wink:
  9. Shame as I am sure the children enjoyed seeing it. As I recall Portsmouth has more than it's fair share of scum, could be down to the fact that it's an island.
  10. For Bob.... IKEA have an Iconic outlet just up the road in Southampton... went their once... took me most of the afternoon to find my way out.
    Don't do iconic anymore ! :oops:
  11. I haven't seen the walnut whip thing, is it on the way in? My dad was on about a ship or something being by the road 8O There are many things/places of questionable artistic merit here- the most mystifying is Pure nightclub (formerly route 66), did it used to be used for something else? If not, then why is it shaped like a Mosque?!
  12. http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-485484-palace-uropa-portsmouth
  13. They say that a similar event occurred with the last lot of dinosaurs
  14. Helo Beeline,

    Re Ninja's 'walnut whip':

    This is located on the M275 narrow central reservation strip on the M275 as you enter/leave Portsmouth.

    Its real title is "the Sails of the South'.


    See; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sails_of_the_South

    Re your 'Nightclub/Mosque'.

    Once this was the rather splendid Palace Cinema, but during the late 1960's and 1970's it's days became numbered and it's attempts at recovery included the new name of 'Palace Continental' and a permanent programme of supposedly exotic adult films......

    By then it had become rather shabby, inside and out, but it was apparently good for the humble Matelot to shelter in for an hour or two of 'zzzs' during a wet winters pm between the afternoon closing times and evening opening times.

    :oops: Confession - During that time I did visit it - But only the once, and then only out of sheer curiousity/academic research/shelter from the inclement elements, you'll understand......

    Anyway the film was all in Black and white, no subtitles and it was very hot inside. Consulting my pencilled notes made at the time:

    ...... "It was barely one tenth full and that audience consisted of either snoring matelots or desperately lonely figures in grubby fawn trenchcoats. When one of the latter chose to re-seat himself directly next to me I made my excuses and hurriedly left - Intact!"......

    I hope that you enjoy your time at 'Pompey Poly' (now the U of P) and do try to use your free time to explore some of the rich heritage of this historic city of ours, with it's attractive harbour and seafront.

    Being flat it's ideal for walking & cycling around. If cycling then please get yourself a cheap, second hand, nonedescript bike with a sound padlock & chain as sadly, Southsea recently held the national record for bicycle thefts.

    Oh, and disregard the 'dog-sh*t-city' tag undeservedly imposed upon it by some cheeky RRs. Google comes up with that tag for many places, but apparently not Pompey.


    PM me for Guide Tours, but you will have to push my bath-chair. :wink:
  15. Hey Bob!

    I have indeed been enjoying Portsmouth and exploring the sights/getting lost- I looooove it! I came here because of the Naval connection really, and one of my modules next year is 'Rum, Sodomy & The Lash- outlaws at sea', so I may pop back on here to do some research! :D I would hazard a guess that even in its 'Palace Continental' days, it would have been a whole bunch classier than it is now, haha! I have been lucky enough to live in the most convenient place ever so have not needed a bike, but plan to get one next year when I live in a house- I have witnessed 2 bike robbing breakdowns since I have been here, so I will have to construct some kind of super strength repelling device; maybe a Ken's Fried Chicken Sticker, the mere thought will make most run a mile. :D I am also on the sailing team, so I will hopefully see some stuff away from the shore!

    How long have you lived in Portsmouth for? Despite the rumours I heard before coming here, I like it a lot!

  16. Saddle up Bob.... I think you've pulled.... :cuddle:
  17. Flaggers,

    I said - Bath chair; hence I will need PUSHING not PULLING :wink:
  18. Sorry mate... old man's mistake...just reminiscing.... :slow:
  19. Ermm Beeline,

    How long have you lived in Portsmouth for? Having forgotten I’ll just have to go and look up at that Blue Plaque thingy that council chappy nailed up outside.

    'Rum, Sodomy & The Lash- outlaws at sea'. 8O How the hell does THAT module fit into your ‘Nursing degree course’??

    Sailing? Re - URNU - Did you get in there yet? Some years ago one of our customers, a young whippersnapper called B*n F*gl*, seemed to be having a whale of a time as a Middie there. He didn't join the RN but I wonder whatever became of him......

    Confused, off Kent Road. :twisted:

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