Iconic Cooling Towers To Be Blown Up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Shakey, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. In what has been described as an act of cultural vandalism, there are plans to knock down the two cooling towers next to the M1 at Sheffield:

    Bill and Ben to be blown up and smashed to bits.

    Funny thing is, I thought they had only been left up as they were too close to the M1 to knock down.

    Known art-botherer Anthony Gormley had said they are 'intrinsically beautiful'. Pillock.

    Shame to knock them down though.
  2. I used to live near them. Rotherham side of course, I'm not some kind of sheff retard. The whole area needs bulldozing and rebuilding. Or just leave it as a big overgrown wasteleand like Roth council have done with most of the other places in town.
  3. Ahhh, Rotherham. Such sweet childhood memories.

    Like walking through Masborough and being called a white b*stard. The old bus station that smelt of p*ss. Wonderful nightclubs like 'Peppermint Park'.

    Oh such a wonderful time.
  4. Class innit? :D

    The bus station has had a "make over" but its still cack. Now the county borough has closed there is very little to recommend going there.
  5. Ah but i remember Rotherham and Ravenfield when it was still wired for trolley busses and you could walk round Dalton with out fearing for your life.Still love Ravenfield!
  6. Noooooooooooo
    How will I now know that I am less than 35 miles from Leeds??
    Oh yes Meadow hall the other side.

    My youngest calls them the Simpsons Towers and is allas reet chuffed t'see em cos she knows she is near to Gods city.
  7. I remember applying to Rotherham Polytechnic, and Huddersfield back in the early 80s when I expected to pass my A levels with less than flying colours.* I remember the brochure was quite impressive... :oops: :lol:

    *I was saved - I failed them! :(
  8. Apparently you could only gain entry if you could spell "remember" :wink:
  9. I've just corrected it... I blame my keyboard, I've never got used to these electronic ones... give me an Imperial typewriter anyday :lol:
  10. Horse, Stable door etc

    Snooze and you lose my fine Civillian friend LOL
  11. The aromas from all the pubs! Amazing it's got so many for a non-Naval city! Oooh... draft perry... sadly my old favourite eating & drinking hole is not what it was 20 years ago. Do you know Whitelocks, Fishmeister - it's more or less opposite the private Leeds Library down a little alley way - it was one of the few jewels in the city back in the days when everything was covered in black soot - before they modernised it - I had a real shock when I returned 3 years ago - hardly recognised the centre!
  12. Of course I know Whitelocks, which cotrary to popular belief is not the oldest pub in the centre of Leeds. But it has been around almost as long as one of Nuttys dits.

    I thought the Duncan would be more your scene?? ;-)
  13. Well Dalton & East Dene are a lot better now. They couldn't get any worse. Mind you I've lived in a sh1t hole apartment in Siberia, so I have got f**k all to measure whats good or bad anymore! :D

    Maybe without the cooling towers people driving down or up the M1 will say "ooooh,look, isn't rotherham nice. lets go and see it"...
  14. As long ago as one of Nutty's dits? Now we're going back to the time of Queen Bess and Sir Francis Duck here... :wink:

    Ermmm. So which is the oldest?
  15. I remember you took your life in your hands if you trolled into "The Grapes" in Dalton!Is it still there?And the Mushroom Garage?
  16. Yeah. I go in sometimes before the match. The progressive club is still there n'all. The mushroom garage is still in the same place but there is a new asda & macdonalds across the roundabout. Its like fuckin' chav central there!
  17. Good god!Is the KP peanut factory still there?There also used to be one of ASDA's first stores there,ASDA Queens it was called.My mum used to work in a jewellers in rotherham called Lowes(i think).
  18. KP nuts? Yep... Advertiser printers one side, TA centre the other... Asda, Queens corner. It was the first "American" style supermarket. It was something before the quens. It was across from the silver dollar casino/dance emporium, built specially for the yanks who were doing their bit in WW2. But their bit was f**king their way thru rotherham instead of fighting the fascists. Unlike my grandad who was sinking wop submarines (see moonstone incident in the history section).

    Lowes, (I think you mean Lees?) is still going! And I sh1t you not me mam worked there. Christ we could be related! :D I mean you and me, not me and jesus. :wink:
  19. LOL,my grandfather was a pit deputy at Silverwood Colliery and eventually became a manager there,i went down it twice.I understand that there is almost nothing to say that the was a Pit there once.My Uncle worked at the Steel Bar mill near Dalton and had the dubious honour of taking them out on strike several times.We called him "Red Roger,The Rebel of Rotherham!"I'll have to check up on the Jewellers name.
  20. My uncle worked for Owen & Robinson in Leeds... hence my knowledge of the place... many Christmases in a large, cold, Victorian house complete with the original 1930s electrical wiring and straw stuffed matresses in the attic, where my sister and me used to sleep, snuggled up in thin sleeping bags with a woolen blanket on top and damp pillowcases to put our heads on! You couldn't make it up. Put me off Victorian houses for life! Give me a modern, centrally heated place any day. :lol:

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