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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Stirling, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. Tune in tonight, 2000 on Channel 5.
  2. This is a good series, it aired on National Geographic towards the end of last year. Well worth a watch, nice to see it has been taken up by Five, hopefully it will now reach a wider audience.
  3. Is this the one that covers the flooding?
  4. Yep very last episode
  5. I'm not sure you got the right link there...

    I shall instruct Sky+ to do its thing. Thanks for this!
  6. It was when I first stuck it up on amended.
  7. Good programme

    Loved the bit where a muppet pokes a fork into the toaster and the skipper watching it happen , H&S my RS
  8. At the end of the episode the credits said in memory of someone,was it a woman crew member or documentary staff.
  9. Missed this! For anyone else who did, it's repeated today at 1310. Apologies for the short notice.
  10. The in memory part was one of the guys wives had died.
  11. Being reshown at 1310 this afternoon on Five.

    Also available on Five on demand.
  12. Does anyone know why her penant number is A171?
  13. After World War II, in 1948, the Royal Navy rationalised the pennant number system to a system where the flag superior indicated the basic type of ship as follows. "F" and "A" use two or three digits, "L" and "P" up to four. Again, pennant 13 is not used (for instance the current Ocean - L12 is followed by Albion - L14;

    A — Auxiliaries (vessels of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service, and Royal Navy Auxiliary Service, including depot ships, boom defence vessels, etc.)
    C — Cruisers
    D — Destroyers
    F — Frigate (former escort destroyers, sloops and corvettes)
    H — Hydrographic vessels
    K — Miscellaneous vessels (e.g., the seabed operations vessel HMS Challenger or the helicopter support ship HMS Lofoten)
    L — Amphibious warfare ships
    M — Minesweepers
    N — Minelayers (currently none in service, therefore unused)
    P — Patrol boats
    R — Aircraft carriers
    S — Submarines
    Y — Yard
  14. Yeah, which is why it doesn't make sense. HMS Endurance isn't RFA Endurance, right?
  15. Zoidberg

    RFA Ships may belong to the Auxiliary Class, but they don't form it exclusively i.e. a ship such as an Icebreaker can be part of the Auxiliary Class too.

    Red Plum used to be the MV Polar Circle; when she was bought and renamed in 1992, she took the Pennant Number of the previous HMS Endurance, which had been in service from 1967 to 1991, A171.

    I imagine that the previous HMS Endurance was the 171st ship of the Auxiliary Class, but am happy to be corrected on this.
  16. Just expanding on:
    The woman named had the same surname as the bereaved's brother. It'll be the sailor's wife who died while they were at sea.
  17. Zoid-Brat,

    FGS – STOP asking such dumb questions, you have just HAD the definitive answer from Shackles:

    “A - Auxiliaries (vessels of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service, and Royal Navy Auxiliary Service, including depot ships, boom defence vessels, etc.)â€. There are many other examples of that ‘A’ ie. Submarine depot ship HMS Adamant (A164) etc, etc.

    So, instead of your permanent presence at RR (perhaps to the amusement or sympathy of some - but the irritation of a great many others here) why don’t you try to learn a little more about the RN – both past & present - from elsewhere?

    Now go away and do your own research, otherwise you will stand in danger of remaining just an irritating little OD for ever and ever.

    (Even Sol can only has so much patience and she needs that for others rather than just for you....)

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