Ice Cream Van Tunes

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Backpacker1uk, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. We have had a ice cream van doing the rounds and it is bugging me the name of the tune it plays. Papa Papa Leno it sounds like. Brings back memories of my childhood.
  2. I know what you mean! When I moved to Cyprus, I never expected to hear an ice cream van touring the neighbourhood playing "Popeye the Sailorman"!
  3. I’ve friend who’s dad (ex matelot) told her that when the van played the chimes, it was a warning that it’d run out of ice cream. She’s made up for it since!

    When I was a lad, our ice cream wallah used to play Lilly Marlene.
  4. The Entertainer, that's the staple in both parts of the EU I live in.
  5. I think Nick Griffin is running a ice cream van in Pembrokeshire,I'm certain I heard one belting out the Horst Wessel lied the other day. 8O
  6. Glasgow humour for you- last week the local van had "Singing in the Rain".
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Better than the old days, "Smack my bitch up".

    The rain would have dampened the other classic, "Relight my fire".
  8. All I can remember is that bl**dy "Bring out the Branstons" jingle ..... :(
  9. Nah!!!!! The porridge-wogs have all fitted double-glazing so that their kids couldn't hear the ice-cream vans.

    RM :bball:
  10. There was a hairy old gent on Plymouth Hoe with an Mister Whippy van,
    and he used to play a CD compilation of Gary Glitters greatest hits.

    Ice Cream vans burn very slowly.....all that ice'n'stuff.
  11. There's one round here that plays "Hitler has only got one ball"
  12. Cypriot buggers, quite right mate you shouldn't have to listen to that,

    It should be Popeye the sailor "Person"
    Sexist B*stards :roll: :wink:
  13. Still no joy on that tune perhaps I should go buy a cornet and ask him?

    Do they still have those territorial disputes? Remember yonks ago it was ice cream cornets at dawn, when one ice cream van invaded another avenue. Kids robbed all the ice cream while these two hightalians scrapped it out.
  14. In days of yore when I lived in Salford, one of the scrotes I hung with came up with a master plan.
    We all threw a couple of pence in the kitty and we got a vanilla block and some wafers from the shop. The ice cream man always come at 12.30 dinner time during school hols.
    So when he arrives there is about ten of us with a wafer (Very thin) and we tells him his rival is dishing out freebies for a week so we will be his LOYAL customers. He tells us he will black cat it and give us all cornets not wafers if we stay with him.
    When van 2 arrives at 2.30 he gets told same and we gets a free ice cream.
    Great, I got sick, couldn't eat my tea, gets a hiding for fraud and lying as my sister groused me and grounded for a week.
    Life sucks.
  15. They can play what they like as long as its not GREENSLEVES

    We have one that strikes a BELL
  16. I used to live at the end of a close it took the knob quarter of an hour to turn the damn thing round and the music was *********
  17. I recall the van that did the rounds in St Beaudeux in Plymouth in the 70s: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. Which for Plymouth was very apt.

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