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Ibts runners knee

Hi all

I'm in the process of joining and I have had my past experience with ITBS playing on my mind I have had it once in 2012 and I have not had any problems since will I make it though the medical or will they instantly reject me?? Any advice would be much appreciated

I think you're worrying about things a bit much. When I had my medical back in October/November it was mainly things to make sure that I had sound musculoskeletal function. I had to do 3 press ups, walk across the room on my heels, balls of my feet and then on haunches. Hearing test and also a peak flow test.

There are a list of conditions that are will be a bar to entry. These will be found on the medical questionnaire you fill out after your interview. I do not believe ITBS is on the list. It is something that can clear up with a bit of stretching. You will be fine :)

Good luck.

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