Anyone on here able to give me some info on the RN's rules concerning IBS?

We had a lassie interested in joining. She's ex-RN and was looking at the RNR after being outside for a few years.

Her med docs had "IBS?" written on them which was apparently in relation to a complaint she went to sick bay with whilst still in the mob.

It turned out not to be IBS and she's had not similar complaints since. The AFCO doc has put her as Temporarily Medically Unfit for 2 years even though the notes were written several years ago.

Anyone with any help would be appreciated.




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One of my oppos who was then an AB Bubble head had IBS, and he was P2 even on tne mighty "Led" doing baltops.

Although we used to spike his big eats with spicy stuff to see him off.

She should be ok.

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IBS is a nothing diagnosis but those with it get pain which apparently is disabling. As a result, symptomatic IBS is a P8-able offence. If she's symptom free for a couple of years though then it's unlikely she has anything wrong with her, in which case she should be P2.
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