Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by jimjim89, Sep 20, 2008.

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  1. In May 08 the docs said I had Post-infectious irritable bowel and that it'd be 2/3 years before I got better. At the time of writing, I feel fine and i'm largely off the medicine (This stuff called Motillium and Buccastem) - I've only used it when i've been an idiot and eaten unhealthily. Is this likely to be a bar to joining?
  2. So the scenario could be your inability to control your bowels while your on a 4 hour watch that starts at 4AM and you need to go after 10 minutes and your oppos have all got their heads down? Why would that be a problem?
    Personally I'd be overjoyed to relieve you whilst you relieved yourself. :w00t: :toilet: :tp: :tp: :tp: NOT
    Wait until you have the all clear from your Doc, use the time to get some quals, build your fitness etc.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    AngryDoc will doubtless illuminate us (only Medical Examiners can give medical advice), but I believe "we may have a problem Houston" with regard your medical suitability for service.

    Strangely, this appears to be a very "now" malady which appears to have overtaken yuppie 'flu as the "thing to have" and is regarded as this season's 'new black' in medical circles according to a mate who is a civilian doctor.

    Either way, the very best of luck to you.
  4. Surely Gluten (ie wheat based products) and lactose (milky stuff) intolerance is the colour dejour.
    Food fads I've shit em. :chef: o_O :biggrin:
  5. This probably will not help but a lass I know had the same ailment, she switched from lager to Guinness and has not experienced the illness since.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Mind you after a fair few Tennents Super Extra, you don't care all that much anyway.

    Apparently. [​IMG]
  7. Thanks for the compliments!

    IBS is a poorly understood condition which doesn't seem to have a biomedical explanation at present - like chronic fatigue syndrome / ME. Patients can have a variety of symptoms such as cramping abdominal pain, irregular bowel habit and nausea. One possible explanation is that it is a post-viral condition, but to be honest noone's really sure. It comes and goes: there is no 'cure' per se. It is treated symptomatically - nausea gets anti-sickness tablets (eg buccastem), crampy pain gets anti-spasm drugs, etc.

    From a Service point of view, it can be tricky. The good book says that you must be symptom free and drug free for 2 years, but a careful assessment still needs to be made taking into account your preferred branch or trade. It is not, however, an automatic bar to entry.
  8. It used to take a complete 54 man messdeck after a foreign run ashore to make me heave when sober.

    From the sound of it, your claim to fame is that you can do it singlehandedly!
  9. Although thinking about it, my wife suffered years ago, and got upset when I went to bed in nothing but my AGR.

    I was thrashed for my impudence, btw, but I enjoyed it really.
  10. My other half suffers from IBS

    When it affects her it really does cause her agony.

    But we've are slowly working out which foods and liquids cause the suffering.

    She take tablets for it when it does hit her otherwise little else she can do apart from watch what she eats, cut down on fatty content. She stills eats properly and eats pretty much anything she wants. But Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream is a no no, too much milk and bbq'd food.
  11. They put barbecued food in ice cream?

    No wonder it makes her ill.
  12. lol no that would be very weird
  13. don't know if this will help

    but having suffered from IBS

    2 things worked for me

    1) I drink an actimel a day (pro-biotic drink) only the actimel work for me though.....they really have calmed my gut down( actimel is also being recomended for anybody going into hospital for surgery to help stop nasty super bug C-Dif attacking the gut...so is proven as a helper) so worth a try

    2) Colpermin Peppermint Capsules from my GP sort out any BIG drama days that occaisonally might crop up........2 taken at bed time......calm things right down

    I am now well for virtually all of the time

    best of luck

  14. ahh b*ll*x
    little bit of background
    after a couple of BAD doses of food poisoning in 2001 and 2005 (2 weeks of feeling very very very green both times) I was diagnosed with IBS in 2006(they ran a few blood tests which came up negative so their opinion was it was IBS, but no specialist visit offered to confirm or reject diagnosis.....my GP surgery think they are all "experts" seemingly :roll: )

    I've been off my meds for about a month now (no issues so docs have noted that I don't suffer from it anymore + I think the meds, were giving me a good few of the symptoms I had as I feel normal now I'm off the meds, in fact better than I have in 2 years.)

    However currently trying to join IS branch as an officer and I'm 27, which means I am cutting it very very very fine to make it through the process before cut off.......blast! knew things were going a tad too well.
  15. Well, IS-Potential, obviously you know a lot more about medicine than those of us with medical degrees, so not sure if I need to comment.

    For what it's worth, your GP is an expert. Your GP has degrees in medicine, surgery and general practice - and most also have qualifications in obsterics / gynaecology, paediatrics and family planning. These are on top of approximately 5-6 years of hospital medicine and God-knows how many years of "actual" general practice.

    IBS is a condition which people get diagnosed with when they ask a medical opinion of strange belly-ache which the majority of people put down to nothing. Everyone gets belly-ache and the craps every now and then and it generally settles down of its own accord. We diagnose IBS where other conditions have been ruled out. It's nothing serious, but if you tell such patients there is nothing wrong with them they get angry and demand to see someone else. This will continue until someone gives up and says "Well, it's IBS then". The fact that 'severe' cases are treated with anti-depressants is no coincidence.

    So I'm not sure what you're looking for. A "specialist" (like myself, by the way) opinion? If your bloods were normal and things settled spontaneously then the chances of you having anything which would vaguely arouse my interest are pretty much nil. What you have achieved is a black mark on your medical record which is now causing a problem.

    May this be a warning to those of you who won't accept that the odd belly-ache must have a label.
  16. actually angry-doc, I was basing my opinion on information given to me by friends who are healthcare professionals in other western countries (states, european countries), who were surprised I had not been referred.

    I realise the NHS works differently than other health services but surely not that differently. Explains the higher death rate and low life expectancy in Britain though.

    Plus my doctor's surgery is not that great, I deal with it as I can't get access to a different practice.

    I'm not saying ALL doctors are bad, just some. I said that as I go and see the doctors at the surgery and they tell me one thing, and tell me to come back for a check-up, where another of the doctors tells me what I've been told is all wrong or that the last doctor ordered the wrong tests, so I'm a little frustrated, all I want is a consistent answer.

    To be honest if I had been told that it was a simple belly ache I would get from time to time that I would just have to live with then I would have been fine with it and gone away knowing it wasn't anything serious. I'm not a malingerer, I go to the docs only when I'm sick or to get something checked out to be on the safe side.

    Shame the Govt. spends so much on advising men to get stuff checked out, when all that happens is people are branded as hypochondriacs and malingerers.

    To be told it was IBS was a bit of a bombshell really, I even asked if they were sure it wasn't something like food poisoning etc.

    I won't be back, so if someone wants to delete my account, please do so. I'll be the better person
  17. Yeah G.P's that give GTN for chestpain and then panic when the patient has fallen on the deck. G.P's that leave people with barn-door M.I's in the waiting room without O2, Aspirin or GTN therapies or without I.V access!! need i go on?? G.P's that query sub dural haemorrhage because the patient is cerebrally agitated when there is a BM kit on the side of the bed. guess what his B.M was 1.2 mmol/L. Amazing!!!

    Experts!! Money for old rope more like and don't get me started about having to pay for my own operation due to "wait and see" from consultants after my third hospital visit for pain relief!!

    Get real!!
  20. Some GP's are good on the understanding front, I just don't rate them beyond the norm, jabs, check-ups etc. For that, i remain grateful that the NHS is there....living in a 3rd world country for some time (though are we one now) ? I appreciate what we have here....not to mention GP's pass a heroic amount of dross everyday with what turns up in the surgeries......time, money and training is often against them.

    Healthwise, I can only report what has worked and what has not. My gratitude for the fact we have such stoic healthcare staff in general in a crappy admin-heavy, pharmaceutical-company-led system, remains.

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