Ian Tomlinson (Inquest Jury Verdict)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, May 3, 2011.

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  1. BBC News:
    Ian Tomlinson was unlawfully killed by a Metropolitan Police officer at the G20 protests, an inquest jury has said.

    Full Story Here:

    I hope that the Crown Prosecution Service does reopen criminal proceedings against PC Harwood, from the footage available he strikes me as nothing but a big bully in a uniform who obviously thought he could get away with it. Those who have or are serving will know only too well that we are responsible for our actions. We will all remember what happened to the Royal Stripey who smacked a Taliban bomber with a wellie.

    AKA Norris.
  2. Agreed. The copper in question was no doubt feeling nails and fancying a bit of a ruck. It has backfired massively on him.

    He is guilty of manslaughter in my eyes.
  3. Some parallels with the Blair Peach saga of '79 (which never resulted in a conviction Blair Peach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

    Firmly down to the CPS this time but woe betide them if a manslaughter charge fails to run it's course.
  4. [​IMG]:laughing2::laughing2::laughing2:
  5. TSG are all *******. It's in the manual.
  6. Ah, so ok for him to have paint and bricks thrown at him and to be beaten with banner poles but not for him to give someone a nudge in the back. Sad day for the boys in blue.
  7. You might need to view the film evidence against him before defending him.
  8. Oh indeed,the jury were nobbled,the camera lied,. Fancy the victim was just asking for it,struck with a baton,pushed violently to the ground,from the behind ,as walking away hands in pockets. You really do need to check your history,one tip don't go out with a table leg in your shopping bag laddie,it just might get a wooden top confused. As the late Harry Stanley found
  9. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Nice bit of fishing, there.

  10. And the buzz from the focsul is,........
    dry your eye's you wailing throbber, shit happens get over it.
    Pity it wasn't your dad before you were spawned. Bleeding hearts like you are counter productive to good civil order, and are always there with your little banners and protests. Gets you noticed does it? And who the **** is interested what you think anyway?
    Mind your own business, get on with your knitting and leave mens work to men. Pathetic old piss stained ****.
  11. Would that be the same Harry Stanley who had a conviction for armed robbery? The same Harry Stanley who was reported to the police in a 999 call as carrying a shotgun by a member of the public some minutes before he was apprehended and challenged by the police?
  12. The same Harry Stanley who was never apprehended by police because [in fact] he was shot in the back of head by Sharman and Fagan as he walked home along the pavement.

    The same Harry Stanley who may or may not have been challenged by Fagan and Sharman [the TSG officers who killed him].

    The same Harry Stanley who did not have a shotgun in his bag but a repaired coffee-table leg.

    The same Harry Stanley who a jury returned a verdict of Unlawful Killing on.

    The same Harry Stanley who had this verdict overturned by an appeal court judge after the TSG had threatened to go on strike.

    The same Harry Stanley case that Justice Leveson on record and in court raised doubts about Fagan and Sharman's truthfulness under oath and criticised their behaviour during and after the killing.

    That Harry Stanley??
  13. Thank you BERGEN, just hope that you don't upset the likes of 2DD,with historical facts, likely retort will be a child like winge,from wonderland. We must hope the bit about shit happening,has a visitation on him.

  14. Reading your previouse I wouldn't jump on the "childish Ticket you ******* gobshite, you seem to like to dish it but can't take it back.
    Your another boring sanctamoniouse old ****** and you should just go away and die quietly, instead of coming on her and acting oh so "look at me" ,..and when it suits you try to be "Jack". Your just a gobshite now **** off and die.
  15. The police officer involved had a somewhat chequered history, he also hit from behind, a cowardly thing to do.
  16. Norman. Welcome back! :-D
  17. Careful Sussex with the "Behind" and "Cowardly" tag, we are in the presence of "Commando things" and they can sneak up well.
    One got me in the Fleece like that.:-D:laughing2:
  18. Oh dear god, is this a new low? Norman is arguing with himself.
  19. I'm not a Normon, I just read through this ******* posts and one minute he's bucket mouthing members and then expects to just drop in a forum for a nice cuppa with biscuits.
    What do you want me to do? give him a hug pat his back and invite him round for my beer.
  20. There are so many examples of police collusion to pervert the course of justice that it is difficult to know where to begin.

    To get back on thread with the latest case one needs to look past the actions of one member of TSG who chose to pull a balaclava over his face, hide his ID and attack a member of the public who was already complying with police instructions. The fact that the attack was unprovoked and from behind simply makes Harwood's actions even more egregious.

    The real scandal is Harwood's 9 colleagues who chose to cover-up for him and the actions of the Metropolitan Police in attempting to pervert the course of justice by lying about the course of events and attempting to smear Tomlinson and his family.


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