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Ian McLeod RIP


I'm from the other site, but figured I'd post this on here as there may be people who knew the gentleman and be able to give me some more information on him. Hope this area is most fitting.

Just to let anyone know that Ian McLeod has passed away, born in the North East around the late 1930's. My history is sketchy but I believe he served on HMS Invincible for the best part of his career where he was washed overboard, took a good beating in the sea and survived to tell the tale. He was also quite possibly involved with the Falklands. He then went on to hunting and teaching 'disafected youths' in the ways of the trade and getting them back on the straight and narrow at the same time. He recently suffered heart problems, nearly beat MRSA, Septacimia and got his kidneys working again which was considered medically impossible. Ian was an Ox but in the end it all took it's toll and died peacefully in the night. At least one of his sons is still serving in the Royal Navy.

If anyone knows of him then I would be appreciative if you could provide any more facts, or annecdotes in prepartion for the memorium.

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