Ian Huntley to sue prison service over attack.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. 'Duty of Care' 8O

    Was he not a caretaker himself once? :roll:
  2. My experince is Karma almost always takes care of the likes of him.you might have to wait a wee while,but it will happen in the end.
  3. With all the cut backs, lets hope we are not so quick to roll over and pay theses ridiculous claims.

    Ironic that he has attempted suicide, but is now suing for his throat being slashed. I wouldnt rush to administer First Aid
  4. But there is a "duty of care" though.

    If he were to be awarded £20,000 or whatever, it would surely make the Prison Service review it's security procedures. At the end of the day, when a prisoner is sentenced, it is to be detained and not beaten or attacked. We are not a third world country so we should at leat be getting the basics right.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    This would be the same duty of care that he showed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman would it?
  6. Let's hope the parents of those girls are allowed to sue him with as much vigour. Obviously you have no kids so we can't hope the same tragedy would happen in your life. Better check your yard arms clear, chief! :roll:
  7. I hope he wins and the parents of the murdered girls sue him for it.
  8. Totally agree (and yes I do have kids).

    I also think that he should be allowed to claim and as slim mentioned, he should be made to pass this on to his victims' families.
    Make it a disincentive for future litigations from inmates.
  9. Whatever transpires, the only 'winners' here will be those of the legal fraternity :evil:
  10. What a waste of oxygen that man is and it will probably cost millions to bring the case to court too.
  11. I feel that some blood sucking parasitic mosquito ..... sorry ... lawyer ....was on the phone to him quicker than me getting a chance on Elle MacPherson ...dream...

    As a duty of care, shouldn't he be kept in 24hr solitary for his own protection? The prison service can not afford 24/7/365 personal protection for him. Only seeing prison guards once every two hours to make sure that he is still there will make him go stir crazy. Sympathy mode <OFF>

    I don't believe that the punishment prison offers should be just the removal of freedom no matter what these pinko, lefty, limped wristed penal reform faggots think. But that I feel is the subject for another DL thread... :)
  12. Is there any way we could organise a whipround and pay the cellmate to finish the job?
  13. If he should get awarded the cash(don't bet against it as there are battalions of do-gooders waiting to take up his cause) I think it will be apt if it is put somewhere safe for when he comes out of chokey.Hopefully never.
  14. He should been given a suspended sentence .

    From a rope
  15. The Ipswitch news reporter summed it up for me -'obscene.'
  16. Too quick....should be something slow,lingering and preferably involving boiling oil.
    on a serious note;isn't there a law which states you cannot do anythink whilst in prison which could be construed as profiting from the crime you committed?
  17. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

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