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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. that morale is low. Why join up when pay is crap, I was in my local AFCO & a lad was going to join up but didn't want to take a pay cut!
    They are also going to reduce the council tax for those out & about by 25%, IMHO it should be zero!

  2. Which means welfare and equipment in all it's forms is a lower priority.

    Just what I would expect a ******** to say.
  3. Call me paranoid but I believe the socialist Labour old guard let Blare pursue his crusades in the sure knowledge that it would cripple the Services. They tried hard enough to destroy it from the outside and failed. By a move worthy of Sun Tzu, they've pushed and starved it to the point where it will implode.

  4. When I joined up my pay went from £32 per week to £9 per fortnight.IT took nearly four year before I overtook were I would have been but from then on Iwas quids in. :money: :money:
  5. Interestingly enough, I reached the same conclusion some time ago. Today's nonsense from the MOD press office merely affirms this.
  6. I was at university at the same time as Blair, Brown and all the other cronies. Not at the same uni but we came across each other.

    They might be "New Labour" now but they were all on what was known as the "Broad Left" in their student days. These were the guys that made studebt union policy to support terrorists and send student union funds to these organisations. (Allegedly!!!)

    Have they changed? No, of course not. They had to agree that their economic policy was wrong but deep down they are still the same animals - anti forces, anti-establishment, pro-third world, pro-imigration (more votes there boys!).

    I really am becoming an old fart!

  7. More info here: Herald Online: 28 Jan 08
  8. wow £140 that'll have them storming the AFCOs to join up

  9. You may be an old fart , but i'll agree with you , they hate the armed forces ,
  10. Would that be the Socialist Old Guard who fought in the Spanish civil War and WW11? They hate the Armed Forces I read, what a load of shite.
  11. Recent time British-left. Hell just look at North Korea's Armed Forces!
  12. Ah, Mr finknottle; later than I would have guessed.

    I hate using Wiki but this is a straight lift on Socialism with Pacifism.

    Is it a coincidence that more recent Pacifists have been found inside the Labour and Communist Parties? The brotherhood of Workers exploited as cannon fodder for the owning and ruling classes?

    The Spanish Civil War and the 2nd World War must have been a bit of a bugger for the Socialists. A direct conflict of principle; except it could be reconciled as the People against Fascism. They weren't necessarily fighting for their parent State and had certainly done little to prepare for such.

    Let's look at that bastion of Socialism, the Fabian Society, http://nord.twu.net/acl/revisionism.html ;

    A prominant member of the Fabians was our 1923 Prime Minister, Ramsay MacDonald http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/PRmacdonald.htm .

    Disarmament and the United States of Europe (October 1929) http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1929/10/disarm.htm .

    I say again, the buggers are still in there.
  13. Odd don't you think that all those Socialist ‘working class’ chaps volunteered to fight the hun then the fascist nazi filth in 14 and 39?
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    They're now fighting to crush opinion unless it's their own..

    Funny how democracy works.
  15. Finky, your signature block says it all really. The current crop of leaders of the labour party (hey i managed to type labour instead of liebour) are nothing more than a group of the so called champagne socialists (stand fast gordo, he is alcohol free champaign socialist I believe). They believe they know best, what is best for their wallets, what is best for their profile, what is best for them, they change direction like the wind, following the wishes of the population, until they get the votes they require then then they do not give a crap what the population of this country want, and only pay lip service to their promises,.

    remember the 'war cries of 97

    Education, Education, EDUCATION - constantly 'adjusting' the pass marks of GSCE's, ignoring the real falling of standards
    24 Hours to save the NHS - give me a break, the NHS is at an all time low, wards closing, top heavy management, drowning in a sea of debt largely due to government directives, and the abysmal policy of renting hospital from the private sector which in the medium term is costing the NHS far more than it would have cost to build new hospitals at the public expense, but there again they though they would be out of power long before that one came home to roost.
    Tough on crime, Tough on the causes of crime yeah sure, oh look the prisons are over populated, I know we won't build more prisons, we will let them all out early and reduce the numbers going into prison by cutting sentences or scrapping incarceration all together, oh yes and lets down grade grass, Christ i smoked it all the time at uni. ffs
    Whiter than White there is more sleaze oozing out of this party than was ever laid at the conservatives door.

    Their immigration policy is a joke. The tax burden is at the highest peacetime rate ever. The national debt keeps on growing (so much for the iron chancellor).

    I do not know if I should laugh or cry
  16. Mr finknottle, Sir. I must thank you for making me review my Post. My, clearly mong-type editing had resulted in my omission of a very important word, "for";

    Please don't get me wrong. There are many socialists I admire, living and dead, but not for their beliefs. I once numbered amongst my acquaintances a man, a dyed in the wool Marxist, who had fought in the Spanish Civil War and still had the mental and physical scars to show for it. He was fighting a perceived evil that was diametrically opposed to everything he believed in. He fought against that evil; not for Spain nor Britain but for his personal beliefs and, as a man, I admired him. I am sure there were many similar who faught against Fascism and Prussian Imperialism, before it, bravely and stoutly, without any thought of National identity. The concept of the lesser of two evils springs to mind. A common thread, though, was limitation (if not anihalation) of the power of the Nation State.

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