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I wonder if anyone could help me.


I am hoping to apply for the RMR in the new year.
However come june I have got 12 weeks in Australia, I cannot change that.
Now, should I go ahead with my application in the new year, will there be a way around this? or will I have to wait for my return in August?

Thanks in advance.


War Hero
Get amongst it, but be honest let the Detachment staff know from the start of your plans.
The actual start date for training may be some way off so you'd most likely be in a Holding Troop situation.
This is not a bad thing as it will allow you to build fitness and also see if the RMR is really for you (The same is true of course for the RMR looking at you!).
Give it a go, try hard or go home it's up to you.
Good luck and don't drink the VB in Oz it's dishwater in a bottle. :thumright:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
NZ_Bootneck said:
Chicogiz said:
Coady said:
lol thinkin about going over to NZ for a week, whilst in aus, will see though.

My cousin lives in NZ and she said its great. My mum is also a aussie lol
Does she 'GO'? Is she legal?

Hmm, dunno if I would... 8O



NZ Bootneck - dont tell everyone how hoofin it is here in NZ or they will all come over . We want to keep it for ourselves fella !!
PETSAR68 said:
NZ Bootneck - dont tell everyone how hoofin it is here in NZ or they will all come over . We want to keep it for ourselves fella !!

Been there done it got the t shirt.

Abel Tasman track not bad walking. Glacier ice climbing better.

Beware of sand flies locals are immune! They love fresh tourist blood!

Beware of the shite they call beer unless imported bottled variety!

Fly Singapore Airlines trolley dollies are to die for no can buy for ten dollar.
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