I won the lottery

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nails, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. so I was on my way to my dealer's yesterday to buy some sniff when i decided to pop into a cornier shop and buy a lottery ticket. You'll never guess what, I've won the jackpot. All 6 numbers!

    So f'uck the marines, f'uck this country and f'uck getting any kind of job. I'm gonna spend the rest of my life getting f'uckied up on drugs and drink and boning fit women just cos i can. I don't need to join the marines now anyway because i'm better than normal people because i'm rich lol
  2. You failed the entrance exam then :roll:
  3. PMSL,

    You're dragging these bites out now
  4. F'ucking haters. This isn't a joke. Thos is a genuine gloat to all you inferior poor people lol.
  5. Probably couldn't even spell his own name.
  6. Nails.

    I've got to hand it to you. You must be the luciest most jammiest wa###r that I have ever come across. All of RR will be so pleased for you and we wish you all the best. Now F##K OFF.!!!!!
  7. Assuming he could actually find the AFCO that is...
  8. For that matter, could he even spell AFCO?
  9. Maybe if he concentrated really hard and sounded it out?
  10. Lol at the jealousy. U know what I m,ight go down to Lympstone and just get kicked out on purpose just cos I can. I don't need to work now. I might go to Lympsoton and see how far I can push people. Might piss up the RSM's door and take a sh!t in the showers every morning. And call my corporal a c'unt and just be a wanker for my own amusement. I may even wait til we're having a lecture from a high ranking officer or summat and spark a spliff up in the lectrure room while he's talking and see what he does lol.
  11. You'd just be confirming the fact that your a total retard...
  12. Certainly is, needs to check results before trying that one out - next lotto is a rollover, so no wins last night!!
    Better luck next time Nails :knob:
  13. haha! :D
  14. Ah you know me then. :roll:
  15. I didn't say WHICH lottery I won tho lol.
  16. Pathetic lol
  17. I'm richer than you haha
  18. How do you know that :monkey:
  19. cos i'm a millionaire
  20. So you going to scan in the winning ticket so we can all see it??

    Go on pretty please Nails.

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