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I wish I was brave.


War Hero
It's the war Offices birthday on the 29Th of Feb.
Except there ain't one.
I have been trying to build up enough courage to blank it today (28Th) and give her the card and pressie on Friday 1st March.
Trouble is
1/ Her birth hour was before 12 noon so it goes to the 28Th and she knows I know that.
2/ She has a fuckin horrible right hook.
3/ I'm a fuckin coward, so Happy Birthday War Office it is today then.

Maybe next year.:sad7:

MG Maniac

War Hero
Hope you bought her a nice bunch of flowers and not nicked daffodils out of next doors garden .... (again!)


War Hero
Hope you bought her a nice bunch of flowers and not nicked daffodils out of next doors garden .... (again!)

The only thing in next doors garden (apart from his car) is block paving.
My war office is wondering what to do with a sack of bricks.

Safeguard dit. My other half can speak another language quite fluently.
Some would say......."well done" as its self taught.
I say "what the fuck",.....its elvish.
And there's thousands of them speaking it.
So for a birthday present what better than a nice gold ring and chain.
The one ring,..
One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them.

I'm fuckin sure that the inscription around the door of Patrol Headquarters.
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