I was told this would be right up your alley...

If you ever leave that fresh salty smell and go where the Pongos... you may know me. I'm a site-sponsor for ARRSE, and one of the MODs suggested I post this here... duh!... obvious isn't it.

I now design silver jewellery (- don't laugh - the afterlife ain't always that kind) and flog it over the internet... available internationally on 7-62.com.

So here it is - there are only 10 sets of these at present, but the design worked first time and more are being made as we speak. I engrave them too around the bend with whatever you're shackled too - your wife, your desk, your big raft on the blue wobbly "C".

Maybe I'll do a ball and chain next - a perfect gift for your Aus mates - any other suggestions will be gratefully received.

SHACKLE cufflinks 925 silver under £40

Best regards,- Chris
That looks good Chris - are they hallmarked?

If you haven't got an assay mark then you should consider getting one, they aren't expensive and will give your products a much higher standing.
LujonSA said:
Who wears cuff links in this day and age, they don't fit anywhere on my T shirt?
I do, because I am required to wear a suit (company profile - plus the suit is free !!) -- tee shirts are for the young things, and those old codgers who pose as 'young things' :p

Must be about time the 'Medallion Men' came out again ...... !! ;)
Ultra quiet state,circling destroyers overhead.
Tension in the boat awaiting the depth charges to rain down.
Off watch crew turned in their pits.
All of a sudden a tap,tap tapping sound echoes through the boat.
Skipper looks at the Jimmy in horror and says,'Find out where its coming from and stop it or its curtains for us'.
Jimmy returns shortly aftrewards and the noise has stopped.
'What was it number one?'
It was the Chief Tiff sir, he was in his bunk'

I told him to take his cuff links off!

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