I was sent a email stating that i must be a 'sole British citizen' to join as a Submariner.

Does that mean I cant join as a submariner? Even though I have a full British Passport and stayed in Britain for 13 years.

What does it mean?
Can't have just anyone in Submarines - standard and all that.

I do have a letter somewhere stating that "Jim the BinBag, a Zimbabwean Citizen by birth and a British Citizen by descent is not required at this time for military service in Zimbabwe" signed by the Zimbo Military bloke in London, but it was written in 1981 so rules have probably changed by now.

I enjoyed being a submariner
I can prefect English! PREFECT!
Unfortunately you can't type, got dyslexic fingers or just can't spell!

  1. prefect/ˈpriːfɛkt/
    1. (in some schools) a senior pupil who is authorized to enforce discipline.
    2. a chief officer, magistrate, or regional governor in certain countries.

What you meant was ...

  1. perfect

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    2. absolute; complete (used for emphasis).
    3. (of a number) equal to the sum of its positive divisors, e.g. the number 6, whose divisors (1, 2, 3) also add up to 6.
    4. (of a tense) denoting a completed action or a state or habitual action which began in the past. The perfect tense is formed in English with have or has and the past participle, as in they have eaten and they have been eating ( present perfect ), they had eaten ( past perfect ), and they will have eaten ( future perfect ).
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    1. the perfect tense.


Lantern Swinger
It was funnier the way you had it first time.

Quit while you are behind.

Letters from any civil servant type walla these days is never going to mean what it says, or say what it means.

Comes from the only qualification required being to know someone who can spell dikshunary.

Which I don't.
When it means "sole British Citizen", it means you have to kill everyone so you're the last one left.

You'd have to do your own medical though.
How times have changed, we had a Canadian(got binned when Canada showed an interest in buying "T Boats") a lad who`s dad was Russian/eastern block, (got binned when they found he had a cousin was in the Russian Navy) too many Irish(Southern) to mention and a dual Nationality Australian. When did it all change?


Lantern Swinger
In 1982, I was working in London with an Argentinian (civvie) whose brother was Lt RN.

We were "discouraged" from making any comments.... that worked.
Served with a bloke whose Uncle was a colonel in Gaddafi's army, didn't go against him as he went SD and was a 2 ringer last time I saw him.